November 2005 ///

Special Focus

Advanced logging diagnosis allows successful water shut-off

High resolution production logging data confirmed that setting a plug between sands would solve the problem.

Advances in predicting riser fatigue

For SCRs, advanced riser modeling enables better fatigue prediction, avoiding excessive system design conservatism.

Amazing new pump designs achieve remarkable efficiencies

Basic mechanical and chemical principles applied in new ways.

New production solutions using deepwater sea floor pumping

Petrobras' long-term research pays off with two subsea production options.

Water shutoff chemical restores production

A spectacular well had to be taken offline as water breakthrough overwhelmed facilities.


Battering of US GOM structures brings discussion of standards

The vast majority of Gulf of Mexico infrastructure survived intact; but selective, significant loss occurred.

Global deepwater activity gains strength

Deepwater exploration and development renew strength off UK, SE Asia and run high off Brazil and US GOM.

ILM, tiered storage and active archive form a powerful trio

Companies embrace information lifecycle management to meet explosive data growth challenges.

New advancements made in drill bit technology

New technology makes drill bits run faster, drill deeper and last longer, giving operators more value.

New ideas compete to become the subsea well intervention standard

Subsea service systems come in many shapes and capacities

World Oil Awards Supplement: Finalists and winners

For the fourth year, the World Oil Awards recognize companies that achieved peer-reviewed excellence.


Drilling advances

The drilling industry has not been the target of terrorists . . . Yet

Editorial Comment

It depends on what you call “oil"

International Politics

Politicians and environmentalists panic after recent hurricane disasters

What's new in production

The US GOM recovery is much slower than expected

What's new in exploration

A more effective Allais Effect

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 226 No. 11  RockBit International has announced a major rebranding campaign under the new name Ulterra Drilling Technologies, represented with a new logo. Ulterra

Industry at a glance

Vol. 226 No. 11   Total world oil supply in September was down 850,000 bpd from a month earlier. This was not surprising,

New products

Vol. 226 No. 11  Screen system for sandface completion The new Baker Oil Tools DIRECT PAK gravel-pack screen system prevents hole instability in hor

People in industry

Vol. 226 No. 11  The Texas Railroad Commission elected Elizabeth Ames Jones as chairman. She is only the third woman to serve in this capacity in the 114-year history of

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