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By the time you read this, the US presidential election will be over. And not a moment too soon. If you're lucky enough to not live in the US this past year, you might have no idea of how inundating political marketing has become. I'm writing this about two weeks before the election, and I was wondering how you might feel about the outcome. I often wonder who World Oil readers are, politically – but I'm especially curious now. It's not as if we have Nielsen ratings or a World Oil reader political poll to go by. The difficulty lies in the “world” part of World Oil: it's truly a big, diverse world. It would be easy to make assumptions based on nothing; so instead, I'll make assumptions based on next-to-nothing: polling and readership data, together with extremely unscientific, educated guesses. I'll do this in “real time,” without modification, in segments, so the outcome will be unknown, even to me, until the final addition.

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