May 2004 ///

Special Focus

DDV usage reduces time to round-trip drill string, cuts costs

Operators save rig time and money by utilizing a downhole deployment valve during underbalanced drilling

How to torpedo an underbalanced drilling project

Borrowing from a wealth of real-world experiences, the author demonstrates the many ways that bad UBD “logic" can be disastrous

Sand control screens deployed during underbalanced conditions

Development of an inflatable bridge plug system has solved the dilemma of how to deploy screens in an underbalanced environment


Advances in MWD and formation evaluation for 2004

Latest developments include CD- and Web-based resources; a centralized drilling operations center; wireline and mud logging; and coring/analysis technology

Canada's GPS expects to welcome 50,000 visitors

Preview of the features at the Global Petroleum Show and program of the Canadian International Petroleum Conference, Calgary, Alberta, June 8 - 10

Effective riser tension: Fact or fiction

How complying with elementary physics can prevent designs that result in needless tension capacity and excess bending moments

Extending the use of gravity-based separators for deep and ultradeep water

Troll is the first and only field to use subsea separation. Yet, given its inherent advantages, subsea processing should become a major development tool

New solution for paraffin

A chemical proven in other applications eliminates deposition in crude handling tubulars and flowlines. Several multi-well field examples show positive results

Petroleum Technology Digest: Optimized flow device eliminates CBM lift equipment, reduces costs

In two examples, about 2.7 MMcf per year of deferred production was saved. Considering installed cost, the new equipment paid out in about seven months

What's new in artificial lift

Part 2: Fourteen new downhole/surface system developments are presented from 10 entities for ESPs and other artificial lift situations


Drilling advances

GlobalSantaFe divests land rigs; GOM Sale 192

Editorial Comment

OPEC rules?

What's new in production

UK studies CO2 -based EOR; Canadian CBM

What's new in exploration

Project Neptune update; Unusual data sending service

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Vol. 225 No. 5  BJ Services Co. received the BP Norge 2003 Contractor HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) Award. BP Norge hosts a Contractor HSE day every year to recognize outstanding contributions by selected contractors. BJ Services was

Industry at a glance

Vol. 225 No. 5   In February, OPEC spoke of returning oil back to the $25-28/bbl basket of prices. However, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) has been trading on the New York Mercantile at around $35/bbl. OPEC's decision to c

New products

Vol. 225 No. 5  Biodegradable fracing fluid Baker Oil Tools developed B9 Emerald FRAQ, a fracturing fluid that combines superior performance with low toxicity and biodegradability, and is especially suited for offshore use. The prod

People in industry

Vol. 225 No. 5  Grant Prideco, Inc., has realigned its Tubular Technology and Services business unit, integrating its Marine Products and Services business unit and its XL Systems product line. David Black has been appointed President of Tubular

World of Oil

Vol. 225 No. 5  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion Norway gives okay to Ormen Lange project