Petroleum Technology Digest: Water control becomes attractive to L.A. basin operators ///

While talking to producers, troubleshooters working with Petroleum Technology Transfer Council's (PTTC's) West Coast Region learned that excessive water production, and associated high lifting costs, had caused many mature wells or leases to be near or at the economic margin. The investigation was part of a special DOE-supported PUMP (Preferred Upstream Management Practices) project. Lifting costs are exacerbated by California's power supply concerns and high electricity costs. In a project sponsored by the California Energy Commission that focused on further defining the water control problem and effective solutions, PTTC solicited producers willing to share data. Producers contributed data from seven fields in the Los Angeles (L.A.) basin, representing six waterfloods and one natural water drive. Together, these fields represent about 60% of L.A. basin output.

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