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The HCM-A Multi-Position Adjustable Hydraulic Choke from Baker Oil Tools offers significant advantages in reliability, flow control and the ability to calibrate choke settings to match specific reservoir conditions. The choke incorporates incremental choking technology into the basic chassis from the HCM surface-controlled sliding sleeves. A balanced hydraulic piston opens and closes the choke, while a tungsten carbide choke assembly and J-mechanism selectively adjust the choke without the need for complex electronics downhole. A dual-stage choke configuration, with the seal system totally independent of the choke, prevents minor erosion from jeopardizing the choke’s ability to isolate a given zone. Regardless of the amount of solids that flow through the tool, seal integrity is never compromised. The HCM-A choke can be calibrated to match reservoir conditions on a just-in-time basis before system installation. While the choke is infinitely variable, it operates using six pre-determined choking settings, which can be established based on reservoir studies and nodal analysis to maximize oil production, reduce total water cut, improve final oil blend quality, control sand, avoid cross-flow and consequent production losses, comply with regulatory production restrictions, or produce above the bubble point to avoid gas at the pump intake. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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