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The future of transportation. Sooner or later, most oilfield types will have to make a pilgrimage to Houston – the Mecca of the oil field. Can this city ever become one of the world's great cities, like London, Paris, New York or Tokyo? I'm writing this on the eve of our mayoral election. The big issue is transportation. One candidate wants to double the amount of 22-lane highways, and build public transportation infrastructure more slowly; the other wants exactly the opposite. They both opine that Houston needs to become more like those great cities mentioned above. They both have 22-year plans, differing mainly on the rate that each transportation sector grows. Pragmatists? yes; but men of vision they are not. Traffic in Houston is growing at about twice the rate of the reported population, with congestion tripling during the last 20 years. The politicians are thinking 20 years. They need to think 80. I'm trying to visualize what four times the traffic would look like in 80 years.

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