May 2003 ///

Special Focus

Field case history shows merit of UBD

Work in Petrobrás' Estreito field has shown that underbalanced drilling is a widely applicable technique, even in unconsolidated formations

Omani field tests compare UBD to conventional drilling

A test of underbalanced drilling by operator PDO proved the benefits of judiciously applying this technique

Underbalanced horizontal drilling improves productivity

Case histories of how operator increased production, extended well life and prevented drilling fluid loss in shallow, low-pressure wells


4D seismic on demand is the goal

The usefulness of 4D is not in dispute, but ideas are still evolving as to which factors produce the most cost-effective and reliable results

Fluid and lithology identification using simultaneous angle-dependent inversion

Results were applied to identify and delineate gas reservoirs in Burgos basin, Mexico

GO-EXPO Preview 2003: Canadian events spotlight latest in cutting-edge technology

Preview of the agenda and technical program for Gas and Oil Exposition and Canadian International Petroleum Conference

Petroleum Technology Digest: EM survey defines reservoir, prevents dry hole

A drilling prospect was originally thought to have 3 sq mi of structural closure, but was actually sub-economic

Scale management and risk assessment for deepwater

Methods to assess risk of scaling and effectiveness of various scale management options, focusing of decision tree analysis

The next generation in visualization/ collaboration facilities

An operator considering installing or upgrading a visualization facility would benefit from reading Anadarko's approach

What's new in artificial lift

Part 2: Eighteen new downhole/ surface system developments from 10 companies for ESPs and other artificial lift operations


Companies in the news

Vol. 224 No. 5  Perenco has signed an agreement with BP to acquire, subject to regulatory and other approvals, interests in 14 gas fields in the southern North Sea. The fields include Indefatigable, East Leman, Davy, Trent, Tyne, Pickerill an

New equipment

Vol. 224 No. 5  Explosion-proof TV camera The DTR 100 Z ADF is an EEx d II CT6, explosion-proof, color TV camera. It offers a compact volume of 120 mm OD and 265 mm L, an optical zoom that can magnify 10x and a tilt/rotate viewing he

New literature

Vol. 224 No. 5  Industrial steam turbines A 20-page, color brochure from Elliott describes its YR standardized steam turbines that are designed to provide customers with great flexibility in finding prompt, cost-efficient answers

People in industry

Vol. 224 No. 5  Rice Engineering named Joseph Schwalbach products and engineering VP, to allow him to focus on development efforts for nine new product rollouts scheduled throughout this year. Rike Tipton was appointed plant manager. Jeff


Drilling advances

Incentives from MMS for deep-gas drilling in shallow water

Editorial Comment

Consumers are largest source of offshore oil pollution; Scandal at the top of French oil company

International Politics

Indonesia works to attract investment back to E&P

What's new in production

Update on Alaska to US gas line; Composite coated pipeline

What's new in exploration

Surface exploration methods; Lease Sale 185; Noteworthy finds

News & Resources

Industry at a glance

Vol. 224 No. 5   Still supportd by high oil and gas prices, activity levels are improving in the oil patch. Spurred by increases in Alaskan and Californian production for February, US crude output levels rose from last mo

World of Oil

Vol. 224 No. 5  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion OPEC mulls production cut as prices stumble


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