March 2003 ///

Special Focus

Intelligent well systems - Where we've been and where we're going

Intelligent well applications have been proven in more than 130 wells. Systems available and what the next generation will be, as well as how IWs with real-time reservoir data add value

Optimization of intelligent well control

Reservoir simulator models and production prediction where completions were operated with and without intelligent well control devices

Tiltmeter mapping for long-term reservoir monitoring

How surface tiltmeter mapping has proven effective in tracking fluid movement through a reservoir. Case histories demonstrate positive results

World's first multiple fiber-optic intelligent well

New developments enable complex well architectures to be equipped with an array of sensors that revolutionize the way reservoirs are managed


A better way to extract rock properties with much less noise

Elastic inversion for Lamé parameters: An improved method for extracting from seismic data

Advances in MWD and formation evaluation for 2003

Includes wireline, memory and MWD logging methods; mud-hydrocarbon measurements and cuttings permeability; wireline test tools; and a core logger.

Casing drilling: How the pieces fit

Companies throughout the industry provide components crucial to the novel process

How recent trends are affecting global energy resources

Population and consumption growth in the Asia/Pacific region and Central and South America hold the future for energy markets

Petroleum Technology Digest: Reverse circulation drilling avoids damage to low pressure gas reservoirs

Technique allows development of under-pressured formations that would be damaged and may not even produce shows when drilled conventionally


Companies in the news

Vol. 224 No. 3  Petris Technology, Inc. Petris Technology, Inc., and the IPEDEX group have joined forces to provide integrated services solutions through the In

New equipment

Vol. 224 No. 3  Down-hole pump R&M Energy Systems offers a new Moyno Ultra-Drive Model CV1 down-hole pump drive head. This electrically driven drive head offers rugged construction and different operational features for

New literature

Vol. 224 No. 3  Industry chemicals Jacam Chemicals produces special chemicals for industry, such as emulsion breakers, surfactants, foamers and defoamers. It also provides paraffin products, corrosion inhibitors, gas sweeteners, wa

People in industry

Vol. 224 No. 3  Stavanger-based mooring, lifting and buoyancy specialist, Balmoral Norge AS, appointed Sigmund Andreassen as technical manager. John Wood Group appointed David Baillie CEO of Wood Group Gas Turbine Services.


Drilling advances

Jackup newbuild report; IADC deepwater well control guidelines

Editorial Comment

Foreign investment could help Mexico; young Americans need geography lesson

International Politics

Venezuela and Brazil want attention from the US.

What's new in production

N 2 injection project; downhole acid generation

What's new in exploration

Slick MMS data; AVO: a quantitative DHI; Zircons from Hades

News & Resources

Industry at a glance

Vol. 224 No. 3   Despite Venezuela’s disrupted output, world oil production gained 1 million bpd vs. December’s level, averaging 75.58 million bpd before processing gains. Half of the increase came from higher o

World of Oil

Vol. 224 No. 3  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion US energy profits, spending soar