July 2003 ///

Special Focus

British Columbia prepares to open previously banned offshore areas

Provincial officials are in the early stages of a major policy reversal that envisions seismic activity, followed by drilling no later than in 2010

Canyon Express: Completions for Aconcagua and Camden Hills fields

Completion designs and challenges for the world's deepest field development

Offshore LNG transfer and storage is set to fill the global gas gap

LNG will have to fill the gap in US gas supplies. Several companies have worked to develop a suite of LNG near-shore and offshore transfer systems, as well as an offshore terminal design

Petronius teaches new lessons, furthers ERD technology

ChevronTexaco's innovative project in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico has stretched extended reach drilling up to four miles, while improving well planning, rig design and drilling practices


Expandable technology growth is changing drilling practices

A complete listing and description of what is offered, what is being developed and where this technology is headed

Integrating seismic data processing and visualization

Display technology used by interpreters can be equally useful in the hands of data processors

Petroleum Technology Digest: Horizontal drilling increases production in a reef formation

At a modest added cost, this drilling program more than tripled production and increased ultimate recoverable reserves in this Michigan Niagaran reef

Recent key advances in drillstring technology

Design factors and performance for 5-7/8-in. drill pipe plus important new deepwater casing landing strings


Companies in the news

Vol. 224 No. 7  Three industry veterans with more than 90 years of combined experience have formed StratCom Advisors LLC, based in Kingwood, Texas. The new management consulting firm offers on-demand strategic commodity advisory services, includ

New equipment

Vol. 224 No. 7  Weld-less connector Britain’s Hydratight Sweeney has developed Quik Flange, a low-cost, high-performance, reusable weld-less connector. For use in offshore situations where the firm’s Morgrip coupling syste

New literature

Vol. 224 No. 7  Oilfield biocides New technical literature on biocides for oilfield applications is available from the Biocides Group of The Dow Chemical Company. DBNPA as a Hydrotest Biocide describes the effectiveness of DBN

People in industry

Vol. 224 No. 7  Wood Group ESP has appointed Joseph C. Mitcho to the new position of vice president, Organizational Development. His career spans nearly 35 years. Grant Prideco, Inc., appointed Michael McShane to chairman, in addition


Drilling advances

Drilling riser separation; Intelligent drill pipe tested; Drilling Sale 181 leases

Editorial Comment

Politics: Hypocrisy or ignorance? Recognition for good work

International Politics

Russia's energy sector adjusts to the post-Iraqi war context

What's new in production

E&P software at SPE; US energy plan; Deepwater FPSO R&D

What's new in exploration

Oil shows; The seafloor business

News & Resources

Industry at a glance

Vol. 224 No. 7   Other than stimulating futures prices in reaction to rumors about export resumption, Iraqi output is still not a factor in global supply-and-demand totals. Other OPEC members continue to make up

World of Oil

Vol. 224 No. 7  KURT S. ABRAHAM, MANAGING/INTERNATIONAL EDITOR   Click Here for Kurt's Opinion OPEC maintains output levels as oil prices


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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.