November 2001 ///

Special Focus

Advanced sand control completion with permanent monitoring

Design of an openhole, horizontal, gravel-packed completion with permanent fiber-optic-distributed temperature sensor to monitor production equipment

How 3-D and 4-D GIS technology can be applied to field development

Extending 2-D GIS to 3-D at the subsurface clarifies reservoir behavior, allows 4-D applications in producing fields to increase recovery

Integrated approach fast-tracks development of Danish chalk field

How a phased, accelerated concept for offshore Halfdan field will achieve full-scale, waterflood-aided development within four years from discovery


Mexico's Northern Region launches massive development

Part 2 - Two-pronged approach allows Pemex E&P to focus short-term efforts on mature field rehab while developing large reserves and exploring offshore

Natural Gas: Monetizing stranded gas

How operators will bring “worthless" gas to market - Review of status of technologies industry is using to recover this unused energy resource, including: LNG, GTL, gas to hydrates and gas to electricity processes

North Sea: Mature-area EOR and frontier exploration highlight activity

Reviews of UK, Norwegian and Netherlands offshore activity discuss relevant regulatory issues, important field developments and exploration progress

Tectonic setting of the world's giant oil fields

Part 3 - New classification scheme of the world's giant fields shows regional geology. Concluding article features last six areas of field locations


New equipment

New literature


Drilling developments

Jackup market drops, deepwater popular; ITC drill pipe probe

Editorial comment

One month since N.Y. attacks; New Gulf Publishing Co. owners


Small field in Northern Afghanistan; Russian arctic development

International Politics

U.S. energy debates get new emphasis after September 11 attacks

Offshore update

New Ocean Policy Commission; Subsea installation action

What's new in exploration

Wildcats in Egypt and the GOM; Marshes on Mars

What's new in production

New study on African spending; Gasoline price vs. predictions

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Nov. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 11  Company News  Sasol signed regulatory agreements with the Minerals and Energy Minister and Trade Minister of South Africa on the Moza

Industry at a glance

Nov. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 11  Industry Stats     International

Looking ahead

Nov. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 11  Looking Ahead  U.S. Senator pushes for drilling in ANWR. The attacks in New York and Washington have created new support within the d

Oil country hot line

Nov. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 11  Hot Line  Oil price volatile due to OPEC’s ambiguity The market was in disarray earlier last month following a

People in industry

Nov. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 11  People  Tanganyika Oil Co. Ltd. appointed Lukas H. Lundin president and CEO, replacing Edward L. Molnar who resigned to pursue other interests


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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.

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A monthly magazine offering industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry.