July 2001 ///

Special Focus

Innovation solves Cantarell development challenges

Review of Pemex E&P's Proyecto Cantarell at year-end 2000 describes upgrade of Mexico's largest offshore field that has increased production to 1.68 MMbopd

MMS regulations impact worldwide training and certification

How companies must comply with new regulations as the U.S. Minerals Management Service phases out well control/ safety training accreditation


Automated power tongs provide safer, more efficient operation

Automated, hydraulic tool has been field proven to provide safe, efficient service. Case history describes system benefits on Shell's Brent D platform

Cement pulsation improves gas well cementing

Research shows application of the technique to delay gelation in casing annulus and maintain slurry’s hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluid influx

Industry experience with solid expandable tubular technology

Part 1 - Overview of the technology and how it works, plus two case-history applications in the U.S. Gulf, and discussion of deepwater system potential

Integrated control solution for North Sea FPSO

How Texaco deployed integrated control, safety and marine technologies on its Captain field FPSO facility and wellhead system to boost productive capacity

Natural Gas: Sour Gas Handling

New process fills technology gap in removing H<SUB>2</SUB>S from gas – Three existing aqueous-type processes for treating high-pressure gas streams are described, plus benefits of a new, nonaqueous sulfur recovery process

Optimizing Spraberry operating practices in West Texas

BP Permian coordinated a major program to improve pump performance, reduce chemical-related problems and apply automation benefits in 400-well area

Proven landing string design for ultra-deepwater application

Article lays out design criteria for drill-pipe casing landing strings, then discusses inspection/ supervision methods to ensure only “purpose qualified” equipment use

Raw seismic data transmitted daily from vessels

Commercial application of NASA satellite and receiver network allows daily transmission of raw and processed data from offshore to onshore center

Well control during well intervention

Part 4 - Overview of recommended coiled tubing well control stack configuration for defined pressure control conditions, plus proper sizing of CT string OD

Special Report

Casing table updates

Survey returns update World Oil’s 1997 Casing Reference Tables with several connection corrections/ additions and organizational changes

Fieldbus technology, July 2001

Special report presents eight articles describing fieldbus/ PROFIBUS applications in process/plant control and field operations, plus new product reviews


New equipment

New literature


Editorial comment

California's self-made energy problems; More drilling hasn't delivered more gas


Major oil company executive pay hikes; More comments from Brazil's ANP Director

International Politics

Russia's President Putin moves against corruption by replacing Gazprom's head

What's happening in drilling

Pride/Marine Drilling consolidation; Two new instruments to help drillers

What's happening in exploration

Adventures of early/ modern explorers/ geologists as they probe the Antarctic

What's happening in production

Pipeline survey finds WW II sub in U.S. Gulf; Unstranding gas in West Africa

What's happening offshore

Eastern Gulf Sale 181 possible roadblock; Shuttle tankers for U.S. Gulf FPSOs

News & Resources

Companies in the news

July 2001 Vol. 222 No. 7  Company News  Grynberg Petroleum Co. affiliate RSM Production Corp. inked an exploration agreement with the Soci&eacute;t&eacute;

Industry at a glance

July 2001 Vol. 222 No. 7  Industry Stats     International

Looking ahead

July 2001 Vol. 222 No. 7  Looking Ahead  Conoco to buy Gulf Canada. Joining the stream of firms desiring to capitalize on high U.S. natural gas prices, Conoco said it

Oil country hot line

July 2001 Vol. 222 No. 7  Hot Line  OPEC sustains production, will meet again At its June 5 meeting, OPEC decided to maintain an output level of 24.2 mill

People in industry

July 2001 Vol. 222 No. 7  People  McMoRan Exploration (MMR) created an office of the chairman, headed by co-chairmen James R. Moffett, focusing on