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Special Focus

Azimuth-based coherence for detecting faults and fractures

How new methodology takes advantage of azimuthal variation of smaller faults and fractures not preserved in conventional data processing

Comparative reservoir imaging using new seismic acquisition technology

New, three-component, digital accelerometer offers improved response and low noise for imaging reservoirs with shear and compressional waves

Development of 4-D reservoir management West of Shetland

Experience gained in 4-D imaging/ time-lapse reservoir management, including four illustrated examples of interpreted reservoir changes

Temperature anomaly mapping identifies subsurface hydrocarbons

How buried hydrocarbons alter the upward flow of heat through earth layers, thus giving industry another valuable exploration tool


Advanced techniques determine casing points while drilling

New procedure based on detecting/ analyzing wellbore “breathing” gives more footage between casings, prevents mud loss/well control problems

Effects of pore geometry on oil and gas recovery

How gases and liquids move, or don’t move, through reservoir pore spaces and the effect on efficiencies of reservoir drive mechanisms

Practical system security

Part 1 – Introduction to two-part article tells how IT professionals can improve computer security and allow the use of exploration applications

Small companies in the Russian petroleum business

Important issues of business development of small, independent companies, particularly their interactions with major oil companies

Special Report

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Case studies for Independent Producers

Air pulse system for artificial lift reduces costs

In six months of testing at the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC), a unique air pulse lifting system, developed by Petroleum Asset Management Co. (PAMCO), lowered power consumption for lifting fluids in two shallow oil wells by 71%.

Company-operated, integrated, E&P waste management facility reduces costs

An integrated, E&P waste management facility has reduced Patina Oil & Gas Corp.’s costs for processing oil-contaminated soils and fluids, including tank bottoms.

Major reserve increase obtained by dewatering high-water-saturation reservoirs

New Dominion, L.L.C. has taken a bolder approach to developing major new reserves in exhausted oil and gas fields.

Nitrogen huff and puff process breathes new life into old field

Using a nitrogen huff and puff (cyclic) process, Bretagne G. P. increased production from a mature Appalachian basin reservoir from 200 bopd to 500 bopd with no significant increase in water production.

Pilot test demonstrates how CO+B1625 injection enhances coalbed methane recovery

Since 1995, Burlington Resources has been conducting a pilot test of enhancing coalbed methane recovery through carbon dioxide (CO<SUB>2</SUB>) injection.

Polymer-specific enzyme breaker improves completion efficiency in horizontal wells

Phillips Alaska Inc. realized a 400-bopd incremental production increase in Well 3K-24, a horizontal well with slotted liner, by using polymer-specific enzymes (PSE) to reduce polymer-related, drill-in fluid damage.

Reliable, low cost vapor recovery system saves money while helping the environment

Since 1994, Devon Energy Corp. has employed the Vapor Jet system to capture hydrocarbon vapors from oil and water storage tanks in a West Texas waterflood operation.

World Oil's 2000 Drill Bit Classifier

Annual comprehensive listing of 20 major manufacturers’ commercial bits. Divided into six formation types from soft/sticky to extremely hard, tables show name, IADC code, size and performance of each firm’s offerings


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Editorial Comment

The least little hiccup could send U.S. spot prices for natural gas to $6 per Mcf


Arabic producers may have a way to express their unhappiness with Al Gore

International Politics

Norwegian officials appear ready to substantially change E&P policy

What's happening in drilling

E&P spending survey results; MMS proposes drilling regulations revision

What's happening in exploration

Craters from gas eruptions found off U.S. mid-Atlantic coast

What's happening in production

E-commerce: Spears & Associates’ interview survey; 12-company JV formed

What's happening offshore

Petrobras find in Santos basin; 10 energy study projects for the decade

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