July 2000 ///

Special Focus

Deepwater challenges generate new industry design concepts

MinDOC deepwater D&P system * Insulating fluid controls heat loss from tubing * Designs for Truss Spar and DPS-2000 FPSO * New applications of the SeaStar mono-hull TLP

Elgin/ Franklin HP/ HT development in the UK North Sea

Article discusses major challenges, project status and program to schedule development drilling before reservoir pressure is depleted

North Sea/ Gulf of Mexico experiences improve world market

OTC 2000 panel of 11 industry leaders compares different operating conditions/ philosophies to highlight solutions for new-area challenges


Application of AVO and inversion to formation properties

How inversion of Amplitude vs. Offset results are used to derive elastic rock properties for quick look at reservoir lithology and fluid content

Changes improve OCTG outlook

Emphasis on gas drilling, manufacturer consolidations, import/ distribution strategies and sound industry fundamentals point to better OCTG markets

Composite-lined tubulars can lower operating expenses

Analysis of long-term economic benefits of fiberglass expoxy-lined tubulars vs. lower-cost alternatives notes reduced equipment replacement, workover

One-day gas well testing

Part 2 (conclusion) – Analytical procedure for the Forchheimer equation, plus technical note and preparation/ procedure for one-day testing

ONS 2000 looks at constant need for new approaches

Summary report of what to expect at the Offshore Northern Seas Conference and Exhibition scheduled for Stavanger, Norway, August 22 - 25

Using 4C data for predicting lithology and fluid type

Three case studies show how advances in marine 4C-data analysis allow clearer reservoir imaging and discrimination of fluids and rock properties

Special Report

Casing table updates

Survey returns update World Oil’s 1997 Casing Reference Tables with several connection corrections/ additions and organizational changes


New equipment

New literature


Editorial Comment

Rising activity to bring personnel shortages; An "explosive" stockholders' meeting


Comments from Latin American Energy Conf. and IPAA Spring Meeting

International Politics

Russia's President Putin makes a big move toward re-centralization

What's happening in drilling

Indications of improving rig markets; Advice on better informing investors

What's happening in exploration

Big merger of Western and GECO; New type of streamer positioning

What's happening in production

Potential production from ANWR; Petrobrás 36 FPF goes into service

What's happening offshore

Deepwater activity, company changes in the U.S. Gulf and international

News & Resources

Companies in the news

July 2000 Vol. 221 No. 7  Company News  Devon Energy and Santa Fe Snyder agreed to merge, forming a top-five, U.S.-based independent oil and gas company.

Industry at a glance

July 2000 Vol. 221 No. 7  Industry Stats  International Geophysical Activi

Looking ahead

July 2000 Vol. 221 No. 7  Looking Ahead  ExxonMobil plans to continue fight against U.S. sanctions policy. ExxonMobil is attempting to influence U.S. sanctions policy

Oil country hot line

July 2000 Vol. 221 No. 7  Hot Line  Indonesian oil/gas industry very active Unocal Corp. and Lasmo plc discovered two gas finds offshore Kalimantan, Indone

People in industry

July 2000 Vol. 221 No. 7  People  Conoco’s Archie Dunham was presented with the Directors’ Award for Global Vision in Energy from New York Mercantil


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