January 1999 ///

Special Focus

Advanced production logging identifies problems in Dunbar field

How slick-line memory logging tools ran through coiled tubing identified downhole production problems in Total's UK North Sea field

Breaking a paradigm: Simultaneous gas cap and oil column production

Modeling indicates this non-conventional approach, with gas-oil contact water injection, can increase oil/gas recoveries in certain reservoirs

Computer-based 3-D modeling increases Bohai Bay production

Use of 3-D geological modeling transformed Chengdao field in China's Bohai Bay into a major producer through deviated-well drilling


Large-aperture seismic: Imaging beneath high-velocity strata

Example acquisition of seismic beneath high-velocity basalt in the Faroe-Shetland region using two ships for ultra-wide offsets

Multilateral classification system with example applications

Explanation and illustrations of the TAML group's six levels of downhole multilaterals, plus example installations from several world areas

Operators must apply hard lessons learned in Russia

To ensure a solid Russian deal, there is no substitute for an operator conducting proper due diligence from a position of strength

Special Report

1999 Tubing Reference Tables

Updated information from 20 companies for pipe sizes to 5-in. OD, gives useful data on premium connection dimensions, proprietary configurations, steel grades and minimum joint tension strengths


New equipment

New literature



Mega-mergers take big oil back to its roots; socialists are moving in

Editorial Comment

Indications may portend an end to the "Asian flu" and oil supply glut


Giant mergers will impact this year's activity; Venezuela alters course

Oil and gas in Washington

New GOP leaders in 106th Congress; Comments on key regulatory actions

What's happening in drilling

Some Amoco/BP merger results; GOM deepwater "turning to the right"

What's happening in exploration

Seismic slip-survey technique; New "visualization" centers in Norway/ Houston

What's happening in production

Comments from PESA and USA Engage on the unfairness of trade sanctions

What's happening offshore

Recent analyses of world supply/ demand, and depletion in the U.S. Gulf

News & Resources

Companies in the news

January 1999 Vol. 220 No. 1  Company News  Apache Corp. agreed to acquire certain oil and gas interests in the Carnarvon basin, offshore Western Australia, from subsidiaries of Novus Petroleum Ltd. P

Industry at a glance

January 1999 Vol. 220 No. 1  Industry Stats  International Geophysical Activity Ta

Looking ahead

January 1999 Vol. 220 No. 1  Looking Ahead  UAE exhorts non-OPEC members to cooperate in production cuts. Following a quarrelsome meeting of OPEC members in Vienna, United Arab Emirates Minis

Oil country hot line

January 1999 Vol. 220 No. 1  Hot Line  Exxon, Mobil wed in record merger In the biggest merger in history, Exxon and Mobil will become one company, Exxon Mobil Corp. The $76.6-billion deal to c

People in industry

January 1999 Vol. 220 No. 1  People  . Charles Reimer joined British-Borneo Exploration as president. Due to the merger with Hardy Oil and Gas, changes have been made to the executive bo