September 1997 ///

Special Focus

4-D seismic: The fourth dimension in reservoir management

Part 5 – Reservoir simulation as a tool to validate 4-D analysis

A new approach to 3-D image/ volume processing

How 3-D seismic image processing and volume interpretation "sees beyond the horizon" to give more details about complex reservoirs

GUPCO more efficiently taps Suez oil using 3-D modeling

Digital, 3-D modeling/ visualization tools unravel complex structures and optimize producer/ injector wellpaths in Gulf of Suez oil fields

Petro-Canada and the Grand Banks - pioneering a new oil frontier

Background of this big Eastern Canada development and plans in motion by Petro-Canada to exploit Hibernia, Terra Nova and other new fields

Risk analysis in international exploration: A qualitative approach

Why the upstream industry needs to break free of conventional risk management. Examples from Triton's Colombia evaluation are given


Fundamentals of log analysis

Part 9 – Water saturation model selection, calculation methods/ examples

Organic deposition presents challenges in Brazil's offshore fields

Background, problem description and Petrobras' solutions to paraffin and asphaltene buildups in Campos basin flowlines and facilities

Photoelectric log data aids deep-well completion decisions

In wells in which micrologs can't be run, wireline density tool uses photoelectric factor and barite concentration to show permeability

Predicting friction pressure losses in coiled tubing operations

Methods presented define pressure drop for Newtonian fluid flow within straight and coiled tubing, including tube roughness effects

Slimhole rotary steerable system broadens applications

Amoco-developed system is being expanded to include conventional directional applications and more complex re-entries such as offshore

World Oil's 1997 Drill Bit Classifier

Tabular listings by formation type show available bits of 23 companies. Data includes bit name, IADC class., size, WOB/ speed and special features


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