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Special Focus

A new/economically viable EOR process for the U.S. Gulf Coast

Upstructure air injection into an oil reservoir in Amoco’s West Hackberry field has been proven effective with extra oil recovery in six wells

A proposed multi-lateral well classification matrix

A common classification for multi-lateral well systems is presented. This proposal, represents several-months’ work of a 14-company forum

Asphaltene destabilization by drilling/ completion fluids

New techniques allow testing of effect of foreign fluids on crude oils for asphaltene stability and contribution to formation damage

Design of dual lateral completion in a sour gas well

How the technique was applied for the first time in Germany to improve the economics of an older vertical well with decreasing production

Estimating productivity loss from flow rate impairment

Using basic reservoir/ wellbore flow equations to calculate potential losses from improper completion/ skin effects, what to do about it

Subsea boosting systems: Advances, trends and challenges

Petrobras’ efforts in upgrading hew technologies for subsea deepwater wells, including subsea ESPs, multiphase pumping and separation concepts

Use sand analysis to select screens for non-gravel packed completions

Sand parameters obtained from sieve analysis are used to select screen candidates for completions such as workovers/ openhole horizontal wells


Fundamentals of log analysis

Part 11 – Determining permeability. A method to estimate the key indicator of producibility by integrating log analysis with core/pressure test data

Rig scarcity prompts innovative drilling solution

In a remote Indonesian location, the operator moved a land rig onto two ballasted barges to complete a shallow water drilling program

Texaco looks at magnetic resonance logs vs. coring in GOM

A combination of microresistivity and magnetic resonance logs may give exploration well formation data typically obtained by core analysis

UK Energy Minister sees strong E&P as key to healthy economy

International Editor Kurt Abraham talks to the Labour Party’s Minister of Science, Technology and Energy about upstream oil and gas policy

Special Report

Acidizing tables

Six-page table for six major pumping companies and product suppliers lists tradenames for 28 categories of acidizing products and additives, plus generic names and descriptions of product composition and function


New equipment

New literature


Editorial Comment

November 1997 Vol. 218 No. 11  Editorial Comment  Bob Scott  Travel cautions, etc. Autumn is a major travel time for oil field types. So here are a


November 1997 Vol. 218 No. 11  International  Kurt S. Abraham,  International Editor   PDVSA’s Giusti charges forward, with or without

Oil and gas in Washington

November 1997 Vol. 218 No. 11  Washington  Charles D. Matthews,  Contributing Editor   Washington busy on industry issues When Con

What's happening in drilling/ production

November 1997 Vol. 218 No. 11  Drilling/Production  Steven S. Bell,  Engineering Editor   Hibernia field presents technical challenges

What's happening in exploration

November 1997 Vol. 218 No. 11  Exploration  A.E. (Al) Hutchins, Jr.,  Technical Editor   Technology drives exploration successes

What's happening offshore

November 1997 Vol. 218 No. 11  Offshore  Robert E. Snyder,  Editor  Offshore Florida progress, more newbuildings The U.S. Minerals Management

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