December 1997 ///

Special Focus

Another banner year poses challenges to offshore drillers

E&P firms' priorities are staff retention, portfolio management

Establishing solid track record is key to success

Growing demand will sustain upstream sector

Growth in UKCS activity forecast across the board


Operator success depends on adaptable corporate culture

Sanctions darken bright international outlook

Tight supplies will push rig rates still higher

World Oil's eight editorial advisors overview this year's activity and important issues they see for their companies/ industry next year


Egypt thrives as exploratory oasis for foreign firms

Flexible/favorable economic terms, a friendly government and exploratory successes create an attractive environment for many new oil companies

Fundamentals of log analysis

Part 12: Concluding article of the series describes how to integrate core-analysis-derived data into the log analysis to improve results

Industry training in the electronic age

How on-the-job training and classroom instruction has evolved into computer-based training on workstations with internet/ intranet access

New guidelines should enhance coiled tubing well control security

Recommendations from a recent API publication indicate how to install, test and use well control components to facilitate safer CT operations

Production decline and peak reveal true reserve figures

Published reserve data is unreliable because of politics or methodology. Better estimates can be made using decline vs. cumulative production plots

TECHNOLOGY AT WORK: New tools/ techniques highlight drilling and construction

Through-tubing rotary drilling * Directional rotary drilling system * Gear-driven drawworks * Coiled tubing integrity monitoring * Hibernia platform welding techniques

Special Report

Marine Drilling Rigs '97/'98

Listings show owner/ manager, performance data, rig-class photograph and work area for each of the world’s 588 mobile offshore drilling units. Introduction/cover * Jackups * Semi-submersibles * Drillships and barges * Submersibles * Rig name index * Owner


New equipment

New literature


Editorial Comment

December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  Editorial Comment  Bob Scott   Food for thought A couple of new Catch-22s re the environuts' rush to eliminate Freon a


December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  International  Kurt S. Abraham,  International Editor   Gathering up the loose odds and ends As fre

Oil and gas in Washington

December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  Washington  Charles D. Matthews,  Contributing Editor   Is OCS impact assistance ripe yet?

What's happening in drilling

December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  Drilling  Thomas R. Wright, Jr.,  Editorial Director   Court case produces strange bedfellows As su

What's happening in exploration

December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  Exploration  A.E. (Al) Hutchins, Jr.,  Technical Editor   SEG annual convention awesome The Society

What's happening in production

December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  Production  Robert E. Snyder,  Editor   Gas pipeline, Norwegian developments, high-cost electricity

What's happening offshore

December 1997 Vol. 218 No. 12  Offshore  Robert E. Snyder,  Editor   Marine drilling rigs, subsea completions, U.S. Gulf FSO It's

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