March 1967 ///

Special Focus

Deep drilling rig aims at moving, erection costs

Multi-use packers reduce completion rig-time

Planning a must in abnormally pressured areas


Belco Petroleum pushing offshore program in Peru

Congress subjects applicable to exploration, drilling and production

Drilling down in January

Editorial: Something more than "nothing," we hope

Favorable situation prevails in early 1967

Heat-treating wells with retrievable downhole burner

How to complete water source wells

How to estimate tubing string capacity

How to map fracture development from well logs

March 1967 Vol. 164 No. 4  Feature Article  How to map fracture development from well logs Short, long normal curve data may aid fracture porosity, fault locus determindations S.J.

Inert gas boosts recovery from heavy oil reserves

New agreement to give more revenue to Abu Dhabi rules

New drilling scheduled for Australia's Mereenie area

Occidental Corp. drilling new Aguila field

Oklahoma's new 4-mile-deep tests grab spotlight in Anakarko basin

Owners agree to divide Caltex assets in Europe

Production and drilling in Brazil increasing

South Louisiana exploration — today and tomorrow

Western Desert, Egypt find may open new oil province

World Petroleum Congress to stress scientific and technical progress




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