Kongsberg introduces new digital platform at OTC 2017

By EMILY QUERUBIN on 5/4/2017

HOUSTON -- Like wildfire, the oil and gas industry’s concentrated effort to expand on digital transformation capabilities continues to spread. More and more technology is being developed in an effort to generate further opportunities for value creation.

Kongsberg presented its new digital platform, Kognifai, during a Tuesday session at OTC 2017 in Houston. Catherine Hyde, digital theme lead at BP, served as the session’s keynote speaker. During her talk, Hyde referred to the digital oilfield as an evolving topic within the industry. “We have to embrace analytics and, if we don’t, we’ll be left behind,” she said.

An open digital platform ecosystem, Kognifai improves levels of integration between information and operational technology. By optimizing data access and analysis, customers can collect, store, combine, analyze, and apply data using a single portal. It can be employed for a number of purposes,  including cargo surveillance, route planning, autonomous operations, planned maintenance and operational optimization. Among other benefits, the company has “experienced reduced costs of up to 40%,” Hege Skryseth, president of Kongsberg Digital, said.

The fully integrated, cloud-based platform caters to a changing energy environment as “we [go on] breeding a generation that wants everything now,” Hyde explained. It gives customers full control of their data, from a project’s planning phase through its execution. By giving the user a detailed look at their operations’ “digital twin,”  design concepts and performance behavior can be foreseen prior to construction.

The company’s approach, which benefits from third-party applications and developers, integrates cloud-born technology and complex sensors to create new scenarios by means of data and artificial intelligence. John Wearing, president of Kongsberg Digital U.S., said, “It’s intelligent integration, not just integration.”

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