ABB Customer World: ABB unveils new line of level transmitters


HOUSTON -- Magnetostrictive technology is one of the most accurate liquid level transmitter technologies in the world today. Magnetostrictive level transmitters are used in simple applications such as in a sump or water storage tanks to tougher applications as a high pressure separator vessels or boiler drums. ABB has supplied industry-leading level instrumentation for years, and is now introducing a new range of magnetostrictive level transmitters, the LMT Series.

The new line is available as an insertion style “wetted” transmitter or in a non-intrusive design. The insertion style model, the LMT100, offers probe lengths up to 22.86 m (75 ft) in length, while the externally mounted LMT200 is designed for use with the market leading KM26 magnetic level gauge or any other float and level chamber.

Every KM26 MLG float is precisely engineered to customer application, ensuring optimal accuracy and performance. Precisely spaced magnets create a 360° magnetic field coverage, safeguarding level transmitter and gauge performance, even in the most challenging applications.

Both design configurations can be supplied for interface as well as total level measurement applications, and can withstand process pressures to 344 Bar (5000 PSI) to full vacuum and temperatures between -320 – 800F. Both types also offer patented sensor technology for high accuracy at 10 measurements per second, and they never require re-calibration. The LMT series is truly “set it and forget it.”

The LMT200 externally mounted transmitters provide users with installation flexibility and easy modification. The unit can be easily changed from top to bottom mount or from left of chamber orientation to right with no modification of equipment required. The first phase of the LMT Series

comes with 4-20mA HART output, and will be available with FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA later in 2017.

ABB’s magnetostrictive level transmitter has been designed to be customized to meet a wide range of process application and communication protocol requirements. Additionally, the inherent design of the sensor allows the device to be used in applications where other level technologies can be challenged due to heavy vapors, emulsion layers, condensation, liquid surface conditions or foam.

The LMT Series’ principle of operation and simple setup ensure level and/or interface are always measured reliably and accurately, minimizing downtime and maximizing process efficiency and profits.







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