ABB Customer World: AssetInsight drives smarter maintenance


HOUSTON -- Condition-based maintenance is something all oil and gas operations seem to be chasing these days, and for good reason. Performing maintenance only when it is needed is common sense, but in a low oil price environment it becomes an essential tool in managing cost.

However, any asset management program is only as good as the data it uses, and today there are numerous obstacles to obtaining and sharing relevant data across O&G organizations. Chevron, for example, estimates that a significant amount of time (30-70%) is spent looking for and assessing the quality of data.

Now a new generation of tools is making it easier to find, validate and use data from various sources to drive asset management programs. ABB’s offering is AssetInsight, which works with the company’s System 800xA control system to integrate condition monitoring data from underlying systems and make it readily available for decision makers.

AssetInsight draws on information from electrical, vibration, process equipment, devices and telecom or IT systems and integrates it to enable predictive analysis for vital equipment. This approach does several things.

  • It saves time because users spend more time analyzing and making decisions and less time on searching, cleaning and organizing data.
  • It breaks down organizational silos by allowing users to share information from different data sources across disciplines, locations and organizations.
  • It provides perspective by combining different types of data so users can see information in context and get easy access to overview information of equipment health and operational status.
  • It uncovers potential problems by allowing users to see changes over time together with condition alarms to detect asset health degradation, potential problems and opportunities.

ABB AssetInsight gathers and presents real-time data from disparate systems into one dashboard so users can more effectively manage operations and transition to a predictive maintenance strategy. It supports collaborations between disciplines and enables oil and gas operations to leverage the data they already have to better prioritize actions and budgets.


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