ABB Customer World: ABB unveils digital solutions portfolio, ABB Ability™

By EMILY QUERUBIN on 3/14/2017

HOUSTON -- ABB commercially launched ABB Ability™ at ABB Customer World 2017 in Houston this week, introducing customers to the new digital solutions portfolio that combines cutting-edge technologies to deliver impressive solutions and services that aid in solving a variety of potential complications faced in utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure.

Fig. 1. Ulrich Spiesshofer, ABB CEO.

Through the optimization of existing processes, as well as the development of entirely new ones, ABB Ability helps customers plan and control real-time operations. Customers are then able to input solutions and data into control systems to improve vital metrics, including factory uptime, speed and overall production. According to ABB, this gives customers the ability to transform processes in a way that allows them to be more competitive within the digital-industrial marketplace.

On Tuesday, Guido Jouret, ABB’s chief digital officer, and Ulrich Spiesshofer, ABB CEO (Fig. 1), escorted attendees on a tour of ABB Ability’s many capabilities. The tour included comprehensive overviews from experts in various sectors, as well as several in-depth demonstrations that showcased all that ABB Ability has to offer, Fig. 2.

Spiesshofer said, “With ABB Ability, we are combining ABB’s entire portfolio of digital solutions and services. We are creating additional customer value by bringing together ABB’s domain expertise, advanced connectivity and the latest digital technologies. With this, our customers can achieve unprecedented improvements in operational performance and productivity.”

For the oil, gas and chemical sectors, ABB’s industry-specific platform makes the appropriate solutions available at every level of operation. It delivers an array of cloud-based services and advanced analytics, some of which can reduce total operating costs by up to 30%.

ABB Ability’s AssetInsight is just one solution offered to the oil, gas and chemical sectors. Via a web browser, industry decision-makers are provided with a clearer, real-time representation of operating equipment conditions. This makes collected data available to share, and gives operators a leg up when planning future maintenance and operations strategies.

Fig. 2. One of several demonstrations presented at the unvieling of ABB Ability at ABB Customer World 2017.

“Transitioning to condition-based maintenance is a big benefit for producers,” said Tone Grete Graven, AssetInsight product manager. “By taking a predictive approach, rather than preventative, producers can optimize operations, reduce risk and cut costs. ABB Ability AssetInsight can be an important step to enabling that approach.”

ABB Ability offers a host of other innovative and adaptable solutions that can be applied to a variety industries. ABB says that by leveraging the power of the digital revolution, the solutions portfolio is capable of delivering significant reductions in cost, longer asset life, more efficient operations, reduced environmental impacts and improved safety.

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