NOV launches new MWD system to address harsh, high-temperature applications in North America

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HOUSTON – NOV, a leading manufacturer of directional drilling technologies, has launched its new Tolteq Hellfire measurement-while-drilling (MWD) configuration, which is specifically designed for the harsh, vibration-prone, and high-temperature conditions in North America wellbores.

The Hellfire system leverages NOV’s latest top-mount pulser technology, which is specifically engineered to perform in high-vibration environments while delivering exceptional pulse consistency and reliability, even in extended-reach lateral applications. The Hellfire MWD configuration includes real-time pressure-while-drilling (PWD) measurements, providing operators with access to advanced drilling optimization capabilities on every run. The Hellfire system can also be configured to meet a wide variety of applications, including azimuthal gamma modules for more demanding reservoir navigation requirements.

The ready-to-deploy Hellfire MWD kit includes a top-mount pulser, directional module, centralizers, and decoder from the Tolteq portfolio. All Tolteqmodules feature patented SureMate connections to avoid compatibilityand interface issues, and the modules are rated to 347°F (175°C) and 20,000 psi (1379 bar) toensure performance inchallenging applications. Leveraging advanced pulser electronics together with a machine-learning-driven pulse decoding system, the Hellfire MWD system enables data transmission rates up to 400% faster than the current industry standard.

Andrew Craig, senior vice president, Directional Drilling Technologies, said, “The Hellfire system has been deployed across four major basins in the US, where it continues to demonstrate superior performance in demanding applications while achieving more than 2,000 hours of downhole operation. The system has proven to be very effective in both performance drilling applications and specialized applications, where the system’s integrated PWD measurements enabled superior drilling results. Recently, the Hellfire MWD system delivered an impressive performance, allowing a US operation to execute a successful one-run curve-and-lateral application across an 18-day interval.”