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What's New in Production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

‘Tis the reason…

Shaletech: Haynesville-Bossier Shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Brighter gas fundamentals spark second wind

Permian producers push the envelope for output growth in 2018

Alex Endress, World Oil

Operators are still testing the limits of unconventional technology in the Permian basin, but increased drilling activity likely means steady production gains for next year and beyond.

New report finds Marcellus shale development unrelated to Pennsylvania mortality rates

Mortality rates in the six Pennsylvania counties with the most Marcellus Shale development have declined or remained stable since shale production began in the region, according to a new Energy In Depth-commissioned report. The findings directly refute accusations from anti-energy groups that the fracing boom is a threat to public health.

Halliburton introduces new family of shaped cutter drill bits

Halliburton has announced the release of Geometrix 4D Shaped Cutters, a line of four distinct geometric profiles to help improve cutting efficiency and increase control to reduce drilling costs. Halliburton now offers the largest portfolio of shaped cutters in the oil and gas industry.

Oasis Petroleum acquires Delaware basin assets for $946 million

Oasis Petroleum Inc. has announced that it has entered into a definitive purchase and sale agreement with Forge Energy, LLC, to acquire 20,300 net acres in the Delaware basin (the Permian assets) for approximately $946 million.

Pumpjacks fail, as long shale wells make pumping oil harder

Imagine trying to slurp a thick chocolate shake through a J-shaped straw four miles long. That’s the kind of cheek-puckering test the American shale industry must overcome to prolong a record boom in oil output.

Valorem Energy closes on $285-million acquisition of Williston basin assets

Valorem Energy, LLC, announced that it has closed on its acquisition of LINN Energy, Inc.’s Williston basin interests for a purchase price of $285 million.

U.S. shale has a Panama Canal problem that's got no easy fix

It seemed at the time like a somewhat random, and amazingly fortuitous, coincidence.

Dogged $4-billion investor roused by shale's zeal for thrift

Shawn Reynolds is sticking to shale, with the $4-billion fund manager unshaken in his resolve that the U.S. industry’s stocks are due for a rebound after a lackluster 2017.

IPAA, Western Energy Alliance welcome suspension of Obama-era venting and flaring rule

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and Western Energy Alliance today welcomes the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) suspension of an Obama administration final rule regulating venting and flaring from oil and natural gas operations on federal and tribal lands.

Chisholm Energy expands acreage position in New Mexico's Delaware basin

Chisholm Energy Holdings, LLC, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire undeveloped acreage from Resource Rock Exploration, LLC. The acreage, which contains multiple horizontal reservoir targets in the Bone Spring and Wolfcamp Formations, is located in Eddy County in New Mexico's Delaware basin.

OPEC's surprise oil-output deal with Libya seen as empty gesture

OPEC appeared to score a diplomatic coup last week by persuading Libya, its most troubled member, to accept production limits. In reality, the agreement probably means little for the oil market.

Magic number for new shale surge: $60/bbl, JPMorgan says

For America’s shale drillers, the tipping point to boost production looks to be $60/bbl.

EIA: Appalachia drives growth in U.S. natural gas production since 2012

Shale gas production in the Appalachia region has increased rapidly since 2012, driving an overall increase in U.S. natural gas production.

Oil firms pledge to pare methane leaks, positioning natural gas for the future

As the Trump administration rolls back Obama-era curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, more than two dozen oil companies are uniting in a voluntary effort to pare methane leaks and better position natural gas for a clean-energy future.

Oil falls below $58 as OPEC deal risks a new wave of shale

Oil dropped below $58/bbl as investors weighed an increase in U.S. drilling rigs against OPEC’s promise to extend output cuts through the end of next year.

Shale turns OPEC ally from foe with focus on oil returns

Don’t expect Big Shale to rush and fill the hole left by OPEC in the oil market.

Shale drillers "itchy" to plow OPEC's gift into more U.S. wells

OPEC and Russia just gave their most implacable foe, U.S. shale, an early holiday gift.

EIA: Bakken gas production increasing at a faster rate than oil production

In North Dakota’s Bakken region, the ratio of natural gas production relative to crude oil, known as the gas-oil ratio, has been gradually increasing since 2008 and has increased at a faster rate since 2014.