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Schlumberger releases new well test design and interpretation software

Schlumberger has release GeoTesting geology-based well test design and interpretation services.

Baker Hughes introduces new drill bits to drill faster and farther

Baker Hughes has announced the commercial release of its line of Kymera XTreme (XT) hybrid drill bits, designed to help oil and gas operators lower their well construction costs through faster and more durable drilling performance.

HB Rentals invests in new product lines

Offshore accommodation and workspace solutions specialist, HB Rentals, has invested in excess of £750,000 into new product lines in response to customer demand.

Reactive Downhole Tools assists in achieving world record for Middle East operator

Reactive Downhole Tools, a supplier of lower completion systems, has completed an oil swellable packer installation in the Middle East for a major operator in Abu Dhabi. At 19,000 m, it’s the longest liner of this size deployed by all parties to date, and a world record for the liner type.

Halliburton launches next generation of drilling motors

Claxton launches latest evolution conductor recovery tower, SABRE cutting system

Claxton, an Acteon company, has introduced the latest modular versions of its conductor recovery tower and SABRE abrasive cutting system to increase efficiency and flexibility in decommissioning and late-life projects.

GE introduces new Industrial Internet Control System

Today, GE’s Automation & Controls business introduced GE’s new Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) at its 2016 Connected Controls Symposium at the company’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna, N.Y.

Halliburton introduces acoustic analysis service

Halliburton has announced the release of the Acoustic Conformance Xaminer service (ACX), a technology to help operators identify and pinpoint costly wellbore leaks by analyzing sound waves that describe flow patterns in the formation and casing.

New products and services

Emily Snyder, World Oil

New products and services

Exxon Mobil launches Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis to the oil and gas sector

Exxon Mobil has launched Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, a new mobile-enabled used oil analysis service.

D&L Oil Tools passes API certification and license requirements

D&L Oil Tools’ quality management system has been granted API’s Q1 Certification and their packers and bridge plug products now possess API 11D1 Monogram licenses

GE unlocks innovation in subsea compression and power for Shell’s Ormen Lange Pilot

Following an extensive, multi-year test program of Shell’s Ormen Lange Pilot, GE Oil & Gas is proud to announce that A/S Norske Shell has successfully completed system testing of the world’s first subsea gas compression system with a full subsea power supply, transmission and distribution system that further advances the development of hydrocarbon processing on the seabed.

ONS 2016: Successful use of new version CircSub offers improved performance in Norway

An upgraded version of a popular multi-cycle circulating sub from Churchill Drilling Tools, which has been successfully deployed offshore Norway, is providing operators in the region with access to significant performance and productivity gains.

ONS 2016: The synergy between sand control screens and inflow control devices

In the pursuit of additional hydrocarbon reserves and increased oil production, operators continue to look to challenging reservoirs, such as the high permeability, high productivity, clastic reservoirs that can be found in hydrocarbon basins around the world.

U.S. Silica completes acquisition of Sandbox Enterprises

U.S. Silica Holdings has completed the acquisition of Sandbox Enterprises LLC, a provider of logistics solutions and technology for the transportation of proppant.

Packers Plus optimizes offshore multi-stage completion for Dubai Petroleum Establishment

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has announced that it has recently worked with operator Dubai Petroleum Establishment to install and successfully stimulate an offshore carbonate reservoir using an open hole multi-stage ball-drop system.

Peak to test SIMULTRA retrievable bridge plug at 10,000 psi, 175°C

Peak Well Systems, a specialist in the design and development of advanced downhole tools for well intervention, has been commissioned by an international oil company to undertake gas testing of both the 4 ½-in. and 5 ½-in. SIMULTRA Retrievable Bridge Plug at a 10,000 psi and 175°C specification.

Liberty Oilfield Services’ new frac fleet cuts noise emissions

Liberty Oilfield Services, a privately held pressure pumping services company, has announced the release of its new Quiet Fleet.

Hunting’s select fire perforating system sets new Canadian e-coil perforating record

HOUSTON -- Hunting announced Monday that its Titan Division’s select fire perforating system recently set a new Canadian e-coil perforating record with a 52-CFA gun string deployed by Titanium Tubing Technology Ltd. for Teine Energy Ltd. in Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Halliburton introduces largest hole-size LWD density service

Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business, has announced the release of the 9 1/2-in. Azimuthal Lithodensity (ALD) service, providing real-time density measurements and images in boreholes up to 17 1/2 in.