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Eni announces the start-up of third production unit at Zohr

Eni announces the start-up of the third production unit (T-2) of the Zohr project, increasing the installed capacity to 1.2 Bcfd. Zohr is now producing 1.1 Bcfd in ramp-up, equivalent to approximately 200,000 boed, of which 75,000 boed net to Eni at current working interest

Abu Dhabi's Taqa shifts to growth mode after years of cutbacks

Abu Dhabi National Energy Co., the state-controlled oil and gas producer, is looking again at boosting spending after three years of cutting back, according to Chairman Saeed Mubarak Al-Hajeri.

Trump's Iran move may kick worst U.S. gas market while it's down

President Donald Trump’s decision to scrap the Iran nuclear deal and restore sanctions was great for oil bulls. But for natural gas drillers in America’s hottest shale play, it could be a disaster in the making.

Crude gains as Israel and Iran clash after Trump's sanctions move

Oil moved above $71/bbl on the risk of supply disruptions due to Middle East conflict, and the U.S. renewed sanctions on Iran.

Iran crisis changes OPEC equation as Saudis signal supply boost

The international nuclear agreement with Iran might not be the only deal U.S. President Donald Trump has unraveled.

Eni completes ramp-up of production at Ochigufu field, offshore Angola

Eni has completed the ramp-up of Ochigufu field, in Angola’s deep offshore, reaching the production plateau of 24,000 bpd less than two months from start-up.

Iran sanctions may be a blessing for U.S. crude exports

A revival of U.S. oil sanctions on OPEC’s third-largest producer may set the stage for record-high U.S. crude exports by the end of this year.

U.S. government raises crude output forecast for 2018-2019

The U.S. government boosted its forecast for domestic crude output both this year and next year amid a surge in prices.

Here's how the biggest oil buyers can tackle Trump's Iran action

For the world’s biggest oil buyers, the imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran will be a case of deja vu.

Iran sanctions add to Venezuela collapse, jolting oil market

While the world ponders the fate of Iran’s exports, the oil market is exposed more than ever to the effects of Venezuela’s spectacular production collapse.

Oil rises as Trump tells buyers to cut back on Iranian crude

Oil rose to a three-year high after the U.S. told buyers of Iranian crude they have six months to curb their purchases or face tough penalties.

U.S. seen cutting oil imports to lowest since Eisenhower

The U.S. will cut its reliance on foreign oil to the lowest in more than 60 years as domestic crude output surges to record levels.

Fat arbitrage opportunity arises for oil traders in West Texas

Oil producers may be getting in their own way in the race to pump crude from the fertile Permian basin.

America's gas gusher seen boosting stockpiles by most since 2015

Soaring U.S. natural gas output probably expanded stockpiles of the fuel by the most seasonally in three years as mild spring weather curbed demand.

Permian basin may have more to give

Call it Permian, version 3.0. That’s how Tim Dove, who leads Pioneer Natural Resources, refers to new well designs his company says are now pumping 35% more oil than their predecessors.

Shell to sell its Canadian Natural Resources stake for $3.3 billion

Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to sell out of oil-sands producer Canadian Natural Resources.

Bakken shale getting back "in-the-money"

With breakthroughs in drilling technology reducing costs and crude oil prices near $70/bbl, wells in North Dakota are turning into cash cows.

Crude market awaits Trump call on Iran curbs

U.S. oil rose above $70/bbl for the first time since November 2014 as traders braced for a re-imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

One of Exxon's top women takes on the fast-moving world of shale

ExxonMobil Corp.’s Sara Ortwein has delivered some of the energy industry’s biggest engineering feats over a 38-year career. Her newest challenge: Winning in the nimble, fast-moving world of shale.

Cash-rich Thai explorer eyes assets worth up to $1 billion

Thailand’s PTT Exploration & Production Pcl is ready to shell out as much as $1 billion on an overseas petroleum asset this year, and possibly more, as it tries to prop up growth amid falling reserves.