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U.S. LNG gets a big cheer in one of Russia's small neighbors

One of Russia’s European neighbors is fully embracing U.S. liquefied natural gas.

Rystad forecasts increased U.S. fracing capabilities by end 2018

Rystad said that pumping horsepower and sand supply are both tight in certain regions of the U.S. However, pumping horsepower and sand supply will see significant additions in the second half of 2018.

FairfieldNodal increases its U.S. land multi-client library

FairfieldNodal has acquired Geokinetic's U.S. multi-client data library nearly triples its North American multi-client library coverage.

Crude rises to highest level since 2014 on bullish U.S. inventory report

Crude rose to highest level since 2014 as the drop in U.S. inventories helped to sustain a rally spurred by geopolitical unrest.

Upward trend of natural gas production could benefit consumers, manufacturers

Natural gas production in the U.S. is projected to break the domestic record in 2018, and again in 2019, according to the EIA.

Permian oil output to scale new heights as drillers add wells

Production from the prolific Permian oil play is expected to set new records as drillers keep adding more wells.

First commercial LNG cargo from U.S. East Coast hits the seas

The first export of natural gas from the U.S. East Coast has set sail.

U.S. offers $25 million cybersecurity grant after pipeline attacks

The U.S. wants to fund research targeting improved cybersecurity for the nation’s power grid and the oil and natural gas industry.

Want the gas? Buy the company: A new way to finance U.S. LNG

After amassing billions in debt and pushing a bold spending plan, Charif Souki was fired in 2015 by the LNG company he founded.

Becoming a "Permian-bitcoin billionaire" may be just a dream

Could turning flared gas in Texas’s Permian basin into electricity to power bitcoin mining be a solution for shale producers?

California Resources acquires Chevron's remaining interests in Elk Hills field

California Resources Corporation has announced that it has executed and closed a purchase and sale agreement with Chevron to acquire the remaining working, surface and mineral interests in the 47,000-acre Elk Hills field in the San Joaquin basin of California.

TGS expands its onshore seismic activity with third project in the Anadarko basin

TGS further expands its 2018 onshore seismic activity with the announcement of the Gloss Mountain 3D seismic survey. Gloss Mountain is a significant addition to our industry leading geoscience data position in the SCOOP/STACK area of the Anadarko basin.

Shaletech: Permian Basin

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Soaring drilling, production block out irritants

Texas Railroad commissioners appoint executive director

Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick and commissioners Ryan Sitton and Wayne Christian today voted unanimously to appoint Wei Wang to serve as executive director of the commission.

U.S. oil debt eases as drillers target next shale play

U.S. oil and gas producers expect their borrowing ability to increase over the next few months, leaving them open to invest in new shale assets, particularly the Eagle Ford in Texas.

EIA: U.S. oil production growth projected to be led by light, sweet crude oil

Recent growth in U.S. crude oil production has been primarily light, sweet crude oil, defined as having an API gravity of 35 or higher and sulfur content of 0.3% or less. These light, sweet crudes, which are produced from tight resource formations, accounted for up nearly 90% of the 3.1-MMbpd growth in production from 2010 to 2017.

Cyberattack puts pipeline industry in hot seat

A cyberattack on U.S. natural gas pipelines has lawmakers considering tighter regulation.

Drillers boost rig activity again as crude production soars

Shale drillers boosted drilling activity in the U.S. oil patch to the highest in three years even as American crude output touched unprecedented levels.

After targeting U.S. farms, China can strike America's shale

China’s tariffs in one corner of the energy market signal U.S. shale fields may follow the nation’s farms as a target if a trade war escalates.

ConocoPhillips provides update on disposition program, acreage additions

ConocoPhillips has provided several updates on disposition activity and early life-cycle acreage acquisition activities.