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For sale: Stalled pipeline project, angry protesters included

Justin Trudeau’s pipeline nightmare may be only getting started.

No end in sight for European gas rally as oil hits $80

Higher European natural gas prices are here to stay.

Oil investors say more needed to tackle climate change

Some of the world’s biggest fund managers are increasing pressure on oil companies, expressing fear that a lack of action over tackling climate change could risk their investments.

Crude rides best weekly winning streak since 2011

Crude is set for the longest run of weekly gains in seven years as concern over supply disruptions grows and a global glut dissipates.

Oil's rally stokes fears that demand will suffer

Oil’s rise to $80/bbl is stoking concerns that the price rally will erode demand, but OPEC’s giants so far aren’t worried.

Goldman Sachs chides hedge funds by arguing the case for oil

Money managers who are reducing their bullish bets on oil are following a “dangerous” strategy, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

U.S. threatens sanctions if Nord Stream 2 project proceeds

The U.S. stepped up its opposition to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, saying the project raises security concerns and that it could draw U.S. sanctions.

Total stops Iran gas project as risk from sanctions too high

Total will not risk investing in Iran following the return of U.S. sanctions, unless it can secure a waiver.

Crude rises to $80/bbl for first time since 2014

Oil rose to $80/bbl for the first time since 2014 as U.S. crude inventories fell and traders braced for the impact of sanctions on Iran.

U.S. oil gets cheaper versus Mideast crude after Iran sanctions

The oil price spread that will determine the type of crude bought by Asia in the wake of U.S. sanctions on Iran is currently in favor of American supply.

Canada willing to cover any Kinder losses on pipeline expansion

Justin Trudeau’s government is prepared to take the extraordinary step of reimbursing Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. for any financial losses if it proceeds with the expansion of an oil pipeline to the Pacific.

Russia's OPEC deal dilemma worsens as idled crude capacity grows

Russia will face a tough choice in talks with OPEC next month as an increasing number of its valuable oil wells lie idle.

IEA cuts 2018 oil demand forecast as $70-crude takes a toll

The International Energy Agency cut forecasts for global oil demand growth in 2018 as the highest prices in three years put a brake on consumption.

Australia's "spaghetti junction" prompts teamwork to cut costs

The energy industry in Australia, looking back on an era of waste and profligacy, is now preaching the gospel of thrift and collaboration as it tries to attract more investment in an age of fiscal discipline.

Repsol said to end hunt for oil growth in clean energy tilt

Repsol will no longer seek growth for its oil and gas business in preparation for the global transition to cleaner energy.

Gas giants swap roles as biggest buyer turns to Australia

The gas market is being flipped upside down.

Oil at $100/bbl won't hurt global economy as much as it did in 2011

The global economic impact of oil hitting $100/bbl won’t be as big as when that happened in 2011 thanks to changes in the U.S.

Oil rises to $79 in London on Mideast risk from Iran to Gaza

Oil climbed to a three-year high near $79/bbl in London on heightened political risks in the Middle East following unrest in Gaza and the return of sanctions against Iran.

Iran oil exports face insurance snag no matter what Europe wants

If European powers are to succeed in holding together a nuclear deal with Iran that the U.S. abandoned a week ago, then one issue they’ll need to consider is the insurance of oil tankers hauling the Persian Gulf country’s crude.

Europe seen taking the limelight from China's booming LNG demand

Europe is starting to steal some of the limelight from China’s booming liquefied natural gas demand as imports pick up after several lackluster years.