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Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy launched to serve the region's drilling and workover industry

A dynamic new project, the Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA), has officially been launched.

Exxon Mobil awards Alternate Path well packing license to Baker Hughes

Exxon Mobil has awarded Baker Hughes a limited international license to Exxon Mobil’s Alternate Path technology patent portfolio for services of gravel packing cased and openhole completion wells.

Deep Casing Tools deploys first system In Iraq

Casing and completion tool specialist Deep Casing Tools has continued its Middle East expansion with a successful deployment of its unique drillable turbine technology in Iraq.

GEODynamics releases FracIQ Limited Entry Perforating System

GEODynamics, Inc.’s Engineered Perforating Solutions Division has completed extensive field testing of the latest addition to their family of plug-and-perf technology based products. The FracIQ Limited Entry Perforating System has been applied in over 1,000 frac stages since field testing commenced in April 2016.

Packers Plus cuts completion costs in Duvernay formation by up to 30%

Packers Plus Energy Services’ StackFRAC Titanium XV HPHT open hole ball drop completion system enabled operators in Alberta's Duvernay formation to achieve cost savings of up to 30% compared to plug-and-perf completion methods.

Shawcor wins contract to provide pipe coating services for Tuxpan pipeline project

Shawcor Ltd. announced that its pipe coating group has received a conditional contract worth approximately C$300 million from Infraestructura Marina del Golfo (IMG), to provide pipeline coating solutions to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) Sur de Texas - Tuxpan gas pipeline project.

Weatherford deep-set safety valve achieves V1 rating

Weatherford International's new model WUDP-10 deep-set safety valve has been certified to V1 standards under the American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification 14A.

Expandable sand screens are a cost-effective sand control solution for gas storage wells

Raj Malyala, Weatherford International

Underground gas storage wells are an essential component of the natural gas supply chain. The flexibility and resiliency provided by these storage wells are the key to maintaining reliable and responsive gas delivery, especially as demand has increased in the last several years, while supply has become more volatile.

Efficiencies and capabilities designed for the bottom line

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Oil markets have driven down activity but not the advance of technology. In tough times when every efficiency and operational advantage can make a difference, service and manufacturing companies are focused on offshore innovations that drive hard to the bottom line. We turned to five leading service and manufacturing companies, and asked them to highlight the advances that were at the top of their lists. Their answers reveal vigorous innovation across a broad scope of offshore technologies that include drilling data, subsea production chemicals, specialized drill bits, MPD-ready rigs, subsea safety valves and gravel packs.

U.S. shale: Frac count grows, production leveling out

Rystad Energy expects horizontal oil completion activity in U.S. shale plays to outpace drilling operations by 30% in second-half 2016, resulting in the contraction of the DUC inventory by 800 wells.

Archer launches Point system for better well integrity

Archer has launched the Point system, a well integrity resource that combines Archer’s proactive and systematic approach to integrity management, with its experience in over 4,000 integrity-related deployments worldwide.

Liberty completes acquisition of Sanjel Corp.’s U.S. assets

Liberty Oilfield Services, a privately held pressure pumping company, has completed its acquisition of Sanjel Corporation's U.S. assets.

Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system saves 50 hours by eliminating plug millout

In the Bakken Formation, an operator wanted to improve efficiency during plug-and-perf completions in a high-temperature (275-degF [135-degC]) unconventional well. A dissolvable plug-and-perf system eliminated conventional millout of plugs and the risks associated with conventional milling operations.

Nine Energy stimulates 50-stage Divert-A-Frac system in Williston basin

Rickey Green, Kendall Manning, Nine Energy Service

The Williston basin has seen a full evolution of completion technology throughout its development, with increasing levels of science being applied to determine the best methodology.

ShaleTech: Bakken-Three Forks shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Deferrals replace unchecked production

Driving efficiency in cemented liner completions

Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services

Expanding the boundaries of ball-drop technology has led to a simple, yet effective design for reducing completion time and improving operational efficiency.

Peak’s 5 ½-in. SIMULTRA Retrievable Bridge Plug receives V0 certification

Peak Well Systems, a specialist in the design and development of advanced downhole tools for well intervention, has reached another important milestone in the development program for its SIMULTRA range of retrievable bridge plugs.

Environment is benefiting from fracing, API says

API Upstream and Industry Operations Director Erik Milito touted the environmental benefits of hydraulic fracturing in a conference call with reporters today.

Oil’s rally to $50 excites investors as explorers take it slow

Oil closed above $50/bbl in New York for the first time in 10 months and U.S. production has fallen to the lowest in almost two years. Time to drill, baby, drill?

Materia introduces new Proxima thermoset resin portfolio

Materia Inc., a leader in the development and manufacture of catalysts and advanced polymers, is pioneering the next generation of oil and gas solutions with Proxima thermoset resins.