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Valves & Actuators 2012 cover
December 2012

The story of valves and actuators is one of changing demands. Over the course of history, valves have evolved to meet the needs of the user. In the oil and gas industry, valves met their toughest customers. This is increasingly true today.


  • Design and development considerations for HPHT subsurface safety valves (December-2012)

    Author Grant Thompson, Richard Patterson and Jim Sloan

    Although the industry considers 15,000 psi and 350°F to represent “high-pressure/high-temperature” (HPHT) conditions, these are rapidly becoming the category’s lower limits. Since subsurface safety valves are the emergency fail-safe flow-controlling devices within a completion, they must have superior performance and reliability throughout a well’s life. Additional validation techniques must be employed to ensure robust, fit-for-purpose performance early in the development process.

    Europe, North America, Drilling and Completions   ReadMore

  • Second-generation interval control valves improve performance in harsh environments (December-2012)

    Author Jameel Rahman, Clifford Allen and Gireesh Bhat

    Advances in exploration and drilling technology are enabling the oil and gas industry to target more complex reservoirs in extreme environments, requiring new designs for intelligent completion tools. A new generation of interval control valves (ICVs) that tolerate higher pressures and temperatures has been developed to cater to these harsher environments.

    North America, Drilling and Completions   ReadMore

  • Valve selection for optimizing shale gas operations (December-2012)

    Author Ed Izzi

    Shale gas development presents many flow-control challenges, requiring valves selected specifically for this environment. Conditions vary considerably from one shale basin to another, and effective valve design and selection criteria must consider HPHT and volume demands, as well as abrasive media and corrosion.

    North America, Shale   ReadMore

  • What’s new in valve technology (December-2012)

    Author Nell Lukosavich

    Vol. 233 No. 12 VALVES AND ACTUATORS 2012 What’s new in valve technology NELL LUKOSAVICH, Senior Editor   Inline modified check valve Flowing pressure acting on the unbalanced stem area puts an axial force on the pin. At set point, the pin buckl




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