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A World Oil Magazine Supplement

Recruitment & Retainment Supplement Cover
September 2012

Best practices in recruitment and retention are necessary to tackle the "big crew change."


  • Career Connections (September-2012)

    Beginning in the mid-1980s, the price of crude oil plummeted.  International petroleum companies responded by scaling back recruitment and implementing various ways to reduce the workforce through attrition, early retirement and layoffs. Almost immediately, some warned that when the salad days returned for the global petroleum industry, a shortage of skilled personnel was unavoidable.

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  • Joining in on the upstream hiring rush (September-2012)

    Author Nell Lukosavich

    As an industry that never seems to stand still, the upstream oil and gas sector has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last several years. Given the steady price of oil, as well as advancing technologies to reach resources deeper, hotter, and in locations thought impossible to produce even 10 years ago, it is no surprise that the global industry is clamoring to find new talent.

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