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April 2009

Technology from Europe


  • A new approach to pipeline intervention (Apr-2009)

    Author John Mair

    Typical subsea pipeline intervention scenarios are performed with divers. Subsea 7 has been working on the development of a new subsea hot-tap technology, the Subsea Grouted Tee, which will reduce risk, costs and time during intervention operations.

    Europe, Deepwater, Offshore, Production    ReadMore

  • Expandable liner hanger deployed after CDD (Apr-2009)

    Author Kevin Bourassa, Tove Husby, Rick Watts, Chris Nussbaum* and Peter Wood

    When ConocoPhillips decided to conduct Casing Directional Drilling (CDD) operations from a platform in the Norwegian North Sea, the well design required that the drilled-in 7¾-in. production casing string be converted into a liner before completion.


  • Innovative damper reduces impact from flow-related forces (Apr-2009)

    Author Paolo Minola and Sara Garavaglia

    Tubulars in oil and gas production facilities, offshore facilities, refineries and other industrial settings are subject to impulsive dynamic forces such as water hammer, seismic phenomena and other impact forces deriving from unpredictable handling or anomalous process conditions.

    Europe, Middle East, Offshore, Onshore, Production    ReadMore

  • Managing P&A at BP’s Miller Field (Apr-2009)

    Author Jim Wright

    The North Sea decommissioning process is gathering momentum. One of the biggest projects underway is the decommissioning of BP’s Miller Field, where well abandonment activity is at an advanced stage.

    Europe, Drilling and Completions, Offshore, Production    ReadMore

  • The importance of tubular alignment (Apr-2009)

    Author Cliff Berry

    Of all the components involved in running tubulars, the “Cinderella” of the operation is the casing centralizer. Unexciting, unnoticed and occasionally unattached, the centralizer usually goes unremarked until it fails or a centralization problem occurs.

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