WorldOil The 130-year-old bankruptcy that created a $5-billion oil giant The hottest oil stock from the U.S. shale boom has never pumped a single barrel of crude. Shale's big boost won't bust the budget, drillers tell investors The shale boom’s back in full swing, with fracing crews the busiest since 2014. The novelty this time around: Oil executives stressing their prudence, along with their production. Trump's Iran move may kick worst U.S. gas market while it's down President Donald Trump’s decision to scrap the Iran nuclear deal and restore sanctions was great for oil bulls. But for natural gas drillers in America’s hottest shale play, it could be a disaster in the making. U.S. government raises crude output forecast for 2018-2019 The U.S. government boosted its forecast for domestic crude output both this year and next year amid a surge in prices. Fat arbitrage opportunity arises for oil traders in West Texas Oil producers may be getting in their own way in the race to pump crude from the fertile Permian basin. America's gas gusher seen boosting stockpiles by most since 2015 Soaring U.S. natural gas output probably expanded stockpiles of the fuel by the most seasonally in three years as mild spring weather curbed demand. Bakken shale getting back "in-the-money" With breakthroughs in drilling technology reducing costs and crude oil prices near $70/bbl, wells in North Dakota are turning into cash cows. One of Exxon's top women takes on the fast-moving world of shale ExxonMobil Corp.’s Sara Ortwein has delivered some of the energy industry’s biggest engineering feats over a 38-year career. Her newest challenge: Winning in the nimble, fast-moving world of shale. TransCanada plans to clear Montana land for Keystone XL in fall TransCanada Corp. will take the initial steps of clearing brush in Montana this fall for construction of the highly-contentious Keystone XL pipeline. Apache Corporation capitalizes on shorter completion cycles in the U.S. Apache reported earnings of $124 million, or $0.32 per share. Net cash provided by operating activities in the quarter was $615 million. Before working capital changes, Apache generated $799 million in operating cash flow. Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, depletion, amortization and exploration expenses (adjusted EBITDAX) was $1.1 billion.