WorldOil NAPE ‘18: Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton forecasts strong U.S. supply growth to meet demand As murmurs of peak oil demand pervade the oil and gas industry, Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton sees a different trend—rising production from the U.S. to meet inflating demand from non-OECD countries like China and India. RRC Chairman Craddick: When it comes to NAFTA, mend it—don't end it Many Texans support NAFTA based on the premise that it allows American workers and businesses to compete on a level playing field with anyone in the world. Oil ghost towns dot the landscape in Texas’s other shale patch If Texas’s Permian basin is Exhibit A for the U.S. oil boom that refuses to die, then the Eagle Ford, a smaller shale patch some 400 mi to the east, represents all those places that have been left behind. Devon Energy restores production to pre-Harvey levels Devon Energy Corp. has reported that it has restored production to pre-storm levels across its U.S. operations following Hurricane Harvey. SM Energy reports effects of Hurricane Harvey SM Energy Company has announced updated information regarding the effects of Hurricane Harvey on the Company's operations. Devon Energy provides preliminary update regarding impact of Hurricane Harvey Devon Energy Corp. today provided a preliminary update on the impact of Hurricane Harvey to the company’s Eagle Ford operations in South Texas. Harvey's muddy roadways could delay 10% of U.S. fracing As much as 10% of U.S. fracing work could be delayed after Hurricane Harvey ripped through southeast Texas, soaking thousands of miles of dirt roads snaking through one of the nation’s busiest oilfields. Post Oak Energy Capital makes $100-million commitment to Sierra EF Post Oak Energy Capital announced that it committed $100 million of equity to Sierra EF, a subsidiary of Sierra Resources, LLC. Affiliates of GSO Capital Partners, and the Sierra management team also have contributed capital to the company and will continue to invest alongside Post Oak. Sanchez Energy to sell Eagle Ford asset for $105 million Sanchez Energy Corporation has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Javelina asset in the Eagle Ford shale for approximately $105 million in cash. Shaletech: Eagle Ford Shale Making hay in a temperamental market