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Brand New Star: World Oil™ Magazine Launching New Offshore Information System -- RigStar™

HOUSTON, TEXAS— 15 October 2010 –World Oil™ magazine, a leading technical publication from Gulf Publishing Company, launched a new offshore database named RigStar™ on October 13, 2010. Fully expanded from the World Oil Marine Drilling Rig Directory, RigStar™ provides timely intelligence for more than 750 worldwide mobile offshore rigs and their equipment. It is a dynamic and fully searchable online system.

Constructed on, RigStar™ users can search by categories such as operating status and day rates, manipulate data to fit their specific needs, and keep track of hundreds of offshore rigs from the past, present and future. The accurate and hard-to-find data found on RigStar™ enables customers to research and trace specific offshore rigs while planning budgets and securing future contracts. RigStar’s advanced search functionality allows users to select from hundreds of other technical data points, such as equipment manufacturer and model when conducting a search. Users can also utilize time-saving tools such as the ‘Export-to-Excel’ and ‘My Saved Searches’ features to better track the user’s specific needs and locations.

“With the introduction of World Oil’s RigStar, Gulf Publishing Company has update a product we have published for 30 years to be a real-time, searchable, and comprehensive database of the world’s marine drilling fleet,” said John Royall, President & CEO of Gulf Publishing Company.  “Our team at Gulf has been working for the last year and a half to transition the database to create a much needed resource for those in the industry who need equipment information, contract status, day rates, and other data.”

Complementary to RigStar™ is World Oil’s offshore report, Constellation. Emailed weekly, Constellation combines  RigStar™ updates with industry analysis to keep users up-to-date with the latest offshore rig activity, including contracts, newbuilds, and field operations.

Potential users can sign up for a free trail to get a true look and feel of the product’s capability at or go to to learn more about this comprehensive and powerful database today!

To learn more about RigStar™, contact:

Lee Nichols
Phone: +1 713-525-4626




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