Downhole testing added to C-Kore Systems' subsea services


YORK, England -- C-Kore Systems recently expanded the application of their subsea testing technology to downhole testing. The new application was tested on Total’s K5F field, off the coast of the Netherlands.

The C-Kore units helped located the source of low IR on the downhole system by plugging directly into the subsea Christmas tree, eliminating the need to use down-lines. The hand-held, pre-programmable units were easily installed by divers who located the fault quickly with limited diving time.

Thomas Schwerdtfeger, head of subsea controls for Total E&P Netherlands, “We were keen to test this relatively new technology in a new application to see if it would be as easy to use in a downhole testing operation. The units proved to work very well, quickly assisting us in locating the source of the short.”

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