Abrado Wellbore Services completes first Gulf of Mexico run with new marine riser scraper tool


HOUSTON -- Abrado announced today that it has completed its first run with the new Maximo marine riser scraper tool for a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico.  

The new tool was run inside a 20-in. OD, 133-lb/ft, 18.730-in. ID casing to ensure ID was clean for barrier placement and final abandonment of the well. The tool allowed the operator to get a successful setting of their inflatable packer at a depth of 300-ft inside the 20-in. casing ID. It was run through 326-ft of 20-in. casing ID and cleaned cement wall cake from the ID. Only one trip was needed to clean the casing ID successfully. The operator reported that the marine riser scraper tool enabled successful permanent abandonment of the well.

“The Maximo is a new tool that implies strength, agility and size that allows for 360° scraping and cleaning inside marine risers and casing sizes between 18-in. and 21-in. OD. The new patented design allows for the scraper blocks to individually conform to interior profiles and reduce the possibility of hang-ups in a single trip, saving time and money,” Abrado CEO Sandy Esslemont said.  

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