CARBO Ceramics builds on success in the Gulf of Mexico


HOUSTON -- CARBO Ceramics Inc. has announced that Kryptosphere HD has been utilized by all super major E&Ps operating in the Gulf of Mexico, for deep, high stress wells. 

HD is an ultra-conductive, high strength ceramic proppant. It was initially engineered to solve the production and completion challenges for Gulf of Mexico Lower Tertiary development, where wells can experience a closure stress range from 12,000 to 20,000 psi. This technology results in higher production and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR), maximizing the operator’s return on investment.   

In addition to its production enhancement capability, the proppant's unique durability, smoothness and sphericity, make it more resistant to cyclic loading and acids, and significantly less erosive on frac pumps and downhole tools. These benefits translate into increased completion tool life, reduced rig downtime and overall cost-savings for the E&P operator. One company has reported that it is enabling a multi-fold increase in tool life.  

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