Mermaid Marine delivers two high specification new build vessels into fleet


Mermaid Marine delivers two high specification new build vessels into fleet

FREMANTLE, Australia -- Mermaid Marine Australia Limited (MMA) reported that the Company has this week delivered two new build vessels into its international fleet; Jaya Majestic, an Anchor Handing Tug Supply vessel (AHTS) and Jaya Victory, a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV).

Jaya Majestic, a high specification 78 m DP-2 AHTS, was built at one of MMA’s Jaya shipyards in South East Asia. The vessel is the first new build to be delivered following MMA’s acquisition of 100% of Jaya Holdings’ subsidiaries earlier this year.

The vessel’s clear deck area of over 600 sq m is about 20% larger than equivalent vessels in the region, providing customers with extra capacity for rig support. Jaya Majestic alsofeatures FiFi One firefighting and oil dispersant equipment, making it suitable for emergency response.

Jaya Majestic was named at the Company’s Singapore shipyard on 6 August 2014 and is expected to commence operations in South East Asia later this month.

Mr Jeffrey Weber, MD of MMA, said: “Jaya Majestic is one of our most sophisticated vessels and delivers on MMA’s strategy to increase exposure to high specification vessel classes. The delivery of Jaya Majestic is testament to the company’s technical competence in shipbuilding, which allows us to optimise our fleet to meet our clients’ current and emerging marine requirements.”

Jaya Victory, a 76 m PSV, was delivered to MMA in Singapore on 4 August 2014 from the Guangzhou Hangtong shipyard in China. The vessel is equipped to DP-2 and FiFi One standards with a clear deck area of 750 sq m. Jaya Victory has a cargo deadweight of 3500 tons and was designed by Focal Marine. The vessel can carry liquid mud, speciality chemicals and dry bulk cargoes, as well as fuel and water.

Jaya Victory is contracted to a Mexican client for a two year period, with options to extend. Jaya Victory’s sister vessel, Jaya Valiant is expected to be delivered from the same third party shipyard later this year.

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