Croft unveils mobile fuel-gas conditioning unit


Croft unveils mobile fuel-gas conditioning unit

NEEDVILLE, Texas -- Croft Production Systems, Inc. has taken another step toward revolutionizing the way gas and oil is being processed. The newest edition to the Croft line up is a mobile version of the company's fuel-gas conditioning unit the FCS-500M.

This trailer mounted FCS is designed for the field processing of natural gas for use in gas powered engines. The first trailer will be accompanying a drilling rig onsite to provide processed field gas to reduce diesel consumption in the rigs bi-fuel diesel/natural gas generators.

The FCS-500M efficiently and effectively cools the gas and separates free liquids utilizing Croft's ambient cooling system (ACS). The unit then dehydrates using a passive dehydration system (PDS). And finally uses a controlled pressure drop to chill the gas and cold separate high BTU gas components in the company's Joule Thomson system (JTS). All components are piped together with controllers and regulators included for quick setup.

This mobile trailer can aid anyone who is seeing to displace the cost of using diesel or LNG by using readily available field gas in their natural gas powered engines. This system can also be used for temporary processing of small well streams and coupled with our other trailer mounted systems and compression can handle many different inlet gas situations.

Crofts’s mobile Fuel Gas Conditioning package has been engineered to fulfill the economic and operational needs and capabilities for the oil and gas field.

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