BGP completes 3D seismic acquisition offshore Gabon for Perenco


BGP completes 3D seismic acquisition offshore Gabon for Perenco

ZHUOZHOU, China -- BGP Pioneer successfully completed Perenco Oil & Gas Gabon 3D seismic acquisition project of approximately 1500 sq km offshore Gabon. The project was challenging as it included undershoot operations between platforms, and was to be run in water depth varying between 55 to 15 m of water depth.

Overall 3 major seismic Vessels - The BGP Pioneer, the Explorer, the Prospector, were involved within different timing in the area of survey together with the BGP Supply 2 boat and other chase boats the MV Maria and Admiraal de Ruiter.

The shallow survey area (approx 130 sq km) of 15 to 20 m bathymetry depth contour, was requiring smaller towed array (3*6 km). This part of survey located in shallow waters was completed in 15 days using the BGP Explorer.

The larger survey area (around 1370 sq km) of water depth between 20 to 55 m was acquired by the BGP Pioneer, trailing an array of 6*6 km spread. Undershoot operations and close approaches to obstructions were run with BGP Prospector as source vessel, and BGP Pioneer as recording vessel.

BGP Pioneer 3D shooting operations in the survey area faced many issues due to the presence of production oil platforms, heavy fishing activities (numerous Fishing Aggregating Devices - FAD were removed from waters), drilling offshore activities, protected marine area, protected marine mammal species, prevailing currents, engine issues etc. All these factors could have cause excessive delays. Nevertheless, undershooting job was completed in good time. Acquisition within the larger survey area was achieved after 78 days of focused hard work.

The excellent coordination and organization of the operations allowed BGP Pioneer to complete the whole survey on time with excellent coverage and great quality of data.

At the end of survey, BGP Pioneer ported call in the city of Port-Gentil. BGP Marine team together with the Exploration department of Perenco Oil & Gas Gabon, invited a total of 13 kids from local orphanage to visit the BGP Pioneer. The kids were showed the latest seismic gears onto the acquisition vessel. At the end of the visit, children received school bags, and a donation from the Captain of the BGP Pioneer.

On behalf of Perenco Oil & Gas Gabon General Manager, Mr Denis Chatelan, the Seismic Project Manager, Michael Swanson, and Thierry Dugoujard, Exploration Manager at POGG sent to BGP Pioneer Party Chief and his team congratulations and good appreciation for the work performed.

Michael Swanson declared "A tasking survey with many natural (currents, fresh water bubbles, Whales) and some manmade (FADs, engine room) obstacles, these you collectively overcame. The data quality will be the final stamp of approval and I am confident this will be outstanding, with the efforts of your processing team as well as the state of the art recording systems."

Congratulations were also sent to the processing onboard team, the instrument room folks, the navigation and marine teams, as well as the two diligent guard boats.

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