Central spuds Whiteley-1 unconventional gas well in ATP912 in Queensland


Central spuds Whiteley-1 unconventional gas well in ATP912 in Queensland

TOOWONG, Australia -- Central Petroleum Limited (Central), reported that drilling commenced on 20 July 2014 at the Whiteley-1 unconventional gas exploration well in ATP912 of the Southern Georgina Basin.

Whiteley-1 is the first of a program of unconventional gas exploration wells operated by Central (via subsidiary Merlin Energy Pty Ltd in partnership with international energy company Total) and is to be drilled using Enerdrill Rig 2.

The primary objective is the Lower Arthur Creek Formation, which will be fully cored and sampled for gas desorption and reservoir properties, in addition to an extensive logging program to evaluate the hydrocarbon resource potential.

The second well in the program, Gaudi-1, is scheduled to spud in mid-September 2014 in ATP909.

Each well is expected to be drilled to a total depth of approximately 2,500 to 2,900 m respectively, will be extensively cored, and are estimated to be drilled and cased in approximately 60 days.

There has been a lot of work leading to the spudding of this first well in the Southern Georgina by Central and Total. Central remains hopeful that this program will herald the opening of a whole new gas province in Queensland which will help meet the east coast’s future gas requirements. Central acknowledges the help and expertise of our joint venture partner Total in this exciting endeavour”, said Richard Cottee, MD of Central.

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