Polarcus mobilizes for major survey offshore Ireland


Polarcus mobilizes for major survey offshore Ireland

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Polarcus Amani has mobilized for a 4,400 sq km RIGHTBAND 3D multi-client survey in the Southern Porcupine basin, offshore Ireland. The multi-client project, being acquired in collaboration with ION GeoVentures and GeoPartners, will be the largest ever 3D multi-client seismic survey acquired offshore Ireland.

The South Porcupine multi-client project, supported by industry prefunding from Providence Resources, is expected to run for approx. 3 months and is being acquired by Polarcus Amani towing a 1,350 m ultra-wide deep-tow spread comprising 10 by 8,000 m solid streamers. The resultant data will be processed by ION GXT through a WiBand workflow to deliver a full broadband deliverable to the industry.

Final data products will be available early 2015 for companies seeking to participate in the 2015 Irish Atlantic Margin Oil and Gas Exploration Licensing Round.

Rolf Ronningen, CEO Polarcus, said: "We are especially excited to be undertaking this new 3D multi-client project offshore Ireland. Polarcus Amani is one of the largest vessels in our fleet, equipped with the latest seismic technologies and environmental systems to ensure these operations are conducted to the highest safety and environmental standards."

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