Dow breakthrough water filtration technology wins 2014 R&D 100 award


Dow breakthrough water filtration technology wins 2014 R&D 100 award

EDINA -- Less than a year after its global launch, R&D Magazine, one of the most respected publications in the R&D industry, recognized the TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter as a groundbreaking solution for treating difficult, high-solids water.

The unique filtration device from Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) helps process a wide range of difficult high-solids water, offering a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment in multiple industry segments. These range from industrial wastewater treatment and reuse applications in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, and textiles and laundry markets to oil and gas applications and mobile water treatment systems.

The R&D 100 Awards identify and celebrate the top technology products of the year. Past winners have included sophisticated testing equipment, innovative new materials, chemistry breakthroughs, biomedical products, consumer items, and high-energy physics.

“The TEQUATIC PLUS Filter helps customers reduce their cost of ownership through higher uptime and water recovery, and lower maintenance and consumables, in addition to reduced waste disposal surcharges from local treatment plants,” said Cedella Beazley, business unit director for filtration at DW&PS. “The R&D 100 Award is further validation that innovations like the TEQUATIC PLUS Filter are enhancing sustainability and helping lower operating costs for our industrial customers.”

With its patented design, the TEQUATIC PLUS Fine Particle Filter combines the power of continuous cleaning, cross-flow filtration with centrifugal separation and solids collection into one device. Unlike other technologies, it consistently treats water containing total suspended solids (TSS) up to 10,000 mg/L - even in the presence of fats, oils, greases and fibers, and in variable conditions without constant plugging - all while delivering a water recovery that is typically 99% or more.

“This award not only recognizes Dow’s commitment to innovation, but also reflects the sound science and technical expertise behind the development of the TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter,” said Snehal Desai, global business president, DW&PS. “Industry is the second largest user of water, and technologies like the TEQUATIC PLUS Filter are helping solve water scarcity, a very pressing world challenge. The entire team is proud to receive this award and looks forward to growing this product in the future.” A proven performer as a primary filter, pre-filter or post-filter, the TEQUATIC PLUS Filter is earning attention globally, not just for the benefits described above, but also because of its sustainable profile. Features like reduced water and consumables waste, low to no chemical requirements, high water recovery and minimal maintenance help reduce impact on the environment while improving operator safety.

The TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter joins four other technologies from Dow honored with R&D 100 Awards this year.

The TEQUATIC PLUS Filter is produced by Clean Filtration Technologies (CFT), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, and marketed by DW&PS.

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