Polarcus completes acquisition of UK Breagh multi-client project


Polarcus completes acquisition of UK Breagh multi-client project'>project

DUBAI -- Polarcus has successfully completed acquisition of the Breagh multi-client project in the UK Southern North Sea five days ahead of schedule. The 840 sq km RightBand project was acquired by Polarcus Naila towing an 8 x 75 x 6,000 m spread and utilizing Polarcus' infill management solution ensuring highly efficient production. Zero technical downtime was recorded during the survey.

The data is being processed through a broadband workflow with final data products available in December 2014.

The survey, supported by high industry prefunding, is designed to provide enhanced imaging of the Carboniferous Breagh field areas in UK Block 42/13 and extends the company's multi-client coverage in this prolific gas basin to over 5,400 sq km of modern high-density 3D seismic data.

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