Carrizo Oil & Gas provides operational updates on Niobrara, Utica activities


Carrizo Oil & Gas provides operational updates on Niobrara, Utica activities

HOUSTON -- Carrizo Oil & Gas reported an operational update, which includes initial test results from its Niobrara A bench wells. Testing flowed at an average peak 24-hr rate of 1,127 boed, including one well which tested at 1,633 boed.

Carrizo recently began production from its first multiple geological bench downspacing pilot in the Niobrara formation. The pilot consisted of eight wells in the company's Bringelson Ranch area in Weld County. The pilot tested both B-A-B and B-B-B lateral orientations, spaced 300 ft apart, equating to 40 acre spacing. The wells were drilled with an average effective lateral of approximately 4,000 ft and completed with an average of 14 frac stages.

The average peak rate from the eight wells was 1,021 boed, 89% oil. This compares to the company’s current Area 1 type curve, which assumes an average IP rate of approximately 800 boed, 80% oil. The five B bench wells had a peak rate of 957 boed, 89% oil, while the three A bench wells had a peak rate of 1,127 boed, 88% oil. One of the A bench wells, the Bringelson Ranch 6-20, had a peak 24-hr flowrate of 1,633 boed, 87% oil, the strongest peak rate to date from the company's Niobrara program. Carrizo operates the Bringelson Ranch wells with an approximate 29% working interest.

The company is currently drilling its second 40-acre B-A-B downspacing pilot in its Hemberger area in Weld County. Current plans call for the pilot to include three wells in the B bench and two wells in the A bench, with the laterals spaced approximately 300 ft apart. Carrizo operates the Hemberger wells with an approximate 26% working interest.

The spudder rig has arrived on the location of Carrizo's second Utica shale well, the Brown 1H in Guernsey County, Ohio, and drilling is expected to begin shortly. The company currently plans to drill the top hole with the spudder rig and bring in a larger rig to drill the horizontal section in July. The company plans to drill the well with an effective lateral of 6,280 ft and complete it with 26 frac stages. Carrizo operates the Brown 1H well with a 50% working interest. Carrizo currently plans to keep both the spudder and larger rig active for the remainder of the year.

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