GDI is awarded long term contracts by QP for two new land rigs


GDI is awarded long term contracts by QP for two new land rigs

DOHA, Qatar -- Gulf Drilling International(GDI), reported that it has been awarded two new contracts by Qatar Petroleum(QP) for the provision of drilling rig services. The new contracts will cover services to be performed by two new land rigs (GDI-7 and GDI-8) that GDI is in the process of acquiring from a rig builder based in the United States. Each contract will have a term of five years and the combined value of both contracts is 297 billion.

The two new land rigs (GDI-7 and GDI-8) are being custom designed according to QP’s specifications. GDI-8 will be GDI’s largest land rig, and at 3000HP, it will have the capability of drilling deeper wells and executing extended reach wells to a much greater distance. The new land rigs will also come with a number of ancillary assets that are required to support these operations including water well rigs, mobile cranes, trucks and trailers. The total investment is being financed from a local bank on competitive terms.

Construction of the two new land rigs will soon commence and the rigs are expected to be received, mobilized from the United States and placed into service during the second half of 2015. GDI’s onshore base camp, workshop, storage yards, warehouses and accommodation facilities are also being expanded to accommodate these new operations.

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