EAGE ’14: WesternGeco marks launch of Amazon Class


EAGE ’14: WesternGeco marks launch of Amazon Class

ROGER JORDAN, Associate Editor

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – WesternGeco has celebrated the launch of its Amazon Class of seismic vessels with a reception at EAGE’s annual conference and exhibition. The Amazon Class represents the first vessels specifically designed and built for the seismic industry.

"The Amazon class was an idea that started a few years ago. It was a recognition of the fact that the industry lacked a vessel, or class of vessels, that was built from the ground up for seismic. Even though vessels were built for seismic, they weren’t designed for seismic,” Tony Bowman, President of WesternGeco, said.

The company has ordered two Amazon Class vessels. The first, Amazon Warrior, is currently sailing and is due to start work in July, and the second, Amazon Conqueror, is due to be delivered in November.

The Amazon Class boasts redundant propulsion systems, meaning that the vessels will have the capacity to continue capturing seismic even if one of the engines breaks down or requires maintenance.

The vessels, which were designed following input from a variety of stakeholders, are optimized to sail at five knots; they have the capacity to carry 120 days of fuel and supplies; they are designed with the ability to sail in Arctic waters; and they have the capacity to tow up to 18 streamers.

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