OTC '14: GE introduces 20,000-psi deepwater BOP


OTC '14: GE introduces 20,000-psi deepwater BOP

HOUSTON -- GE Oil & Gas has unveiled its next-generation BOP program that will make 20,000-psi subsea formations the next frontier in offshore oil and gas exploration.

Current GE subsea BOPs are only rated for 15,000 psi, thus creating an industry demand for a new generation of BOPs that have the ability to access more challenging reservoirs.

However, because the physical demands of 20,000-psi drilling (at depths of up to 12,500 ft) are so different from existing 15,000-psi systems, GE utilized its global technology teams to completely reengineer the new BOP stack’s components and also developed several new techniques and technologies with its project partners.

The new 20,000-psi BOPs will be manufactured at GE Oil & Gas’ Drilling Systems facilities in Houston, with key technical support provided by GE centers of excellence worldwide.

“GE’s new BOP system will enable operators to explore deepwater basins that are currently inaccessible with conventional 15-ksi BOP systems,” said Andrew Way, president and CEO of GE’s Drilling & Surface business—GE Oil & Gas.

“Our new BOP system utilizes all of GE’s latest 'Predictivity' communications software solutions to allow for real-time remote monitoring of equipment status and performance, thus offering new degrees of reliability and performance.”

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