OTC ’14: Cameron introduces subsea BOP condition monitoring solution


OTC ’14: Cameron introduces subsea BOP condition monitoring solution

HOUSTON -- Cameron is to debut two new products, Cognition Stack Instrumentation Infrastructure Package and the EVO 300 Bonnet technology, during the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

Cameron President of Drilling and Production Systems Gary Halverson stated, “Monitoring the condition of a subsea BOP to more intelligently perform maintenance and respond to emergencies is of great importance to Cameron’s drilling customers.  We intend to lead the industry in the application of monitoring technology to make drilling safer and more efficient.”

The Cognition Package offers a new way to monitor subsea BOP stack functions from the surface while the stack is deployed subsea.  The Cognition Package provides a network of new sensors, resilient communication paths to transmit sensor data to the surface, and the analytics, alerts and alarms to turn the data into insights about the condition of the subsea BOP.

In addition to the Cognition package, Cameron is also introducing the EVO 300 Bonnet at OTC.  This product addresses drillers’ need to shear stronger, thicker tubulars and seal the well bore.   Building on Cameron’s EVO BOP technology, the new bonnet provides 54% greater ram closing force vs. earlier bonnets.

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